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Tiktok tiktok, what is the name of the flick lip service?

Tiktok tiktok, what is the name of the flick lip service?

Tiktok tiktok: buddy, besides many interesting videos, you can also find some interesting software. What's the name of the old couple? Let's have a look.

Introduction to tiktok lipstick game

This popular game is called lipstick elf

Tiktok is a very small game on the flick. Game player can play by WeChat applet, and play the game with free lipstick.

High score introduction skills

Only players who pass the customs can get lipstick. When playing the game, they must quickly rinse their scores. The higher the score, the more likely they are to get lipstick. There will be a whole network ranking every week. The one with the highest score and the highest ranking can get a lipstick. The two methods of customs clearance and ranking can get lipstick, but they can't share it.

Make rational use of lipstick props. Props are divided into B and C. The role of the former is to step back three steps, and the latter is to step back, which is equivalent to a prop that can 'repent chess'.

Game play: click lipstick to shoot at the fruit turntable. Remember to crazy point lipstick. In this way, you can get higher scores by shooting at the fruit turntable. With the blessing of props, you can easily get high scores.