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Scan Almighty king how to translate pictures scan Almighty King steps to translate pictures scanning Almighty king is a common translation app. After using scanning Almighty king to take identification photos, many friends said they didn't know the text and wanted to know how to convert the content in the translated pictures. Then the following Xiaobian will introduce the translation method of scanning Almighty king.

Steps to scan translated pictures:

1. In short, if you want to use scanning all-round king for translation, you need to click from the home page to enter the picture details page for identification and translation.

2. After opening the photo details page, we need to click the 'identification' function at the bottom to identify the content and text of the picture before conversion and translation.

3. After character recognition, we can select the 'translation' function in the bottom function list to convert these newly recognized characters.

4. In this way, if we select the language type to be translated, we can successfully translate the content by clicking the button at the bottom, which is very convenient and fast!

If you want to use scanning omnipotent king for translation, users can set it according to the above method!