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Can provident fund buy a house in another place? How to handle provident fund loan in another place

Beijing is the capital of China. Thousands of people drift to Beijing every year. Of course, the salary in Beijing is considerable. Many employers pay provident funds to their employees. If they leave Beijing one day, can these provident funds be used in their hometown? To solve this problem, let's learn from Xiaobian!

Can I buy a house in other places by paying provident fund in Beijing

According to the relevant policies of Beijing housing provident fund, the housing provident fund paid in Beijing at this stage cannot buy a house with a loan in a different place, but you can withdraw the provident fund after buying a house in a different place.

1. The conditions for applying for withdrawal are: purchase, construction, reconstruction and overhaul of self occupied housing; Reaching the national legal retirement age or having formally gone through the retirement procedures; Completely losing the ability to work and terminating the labor relationship with the unit to which he belongs; Search for persons who have settled abroad; Repaying the principal and interest of individual self occupied housing loans; Those who pay more than 15% of the monthly salary of the family are enjoying the living security treatment of urban residents;

2. When applying for housing provident fund loan, the lender shall submit a written application to the bank, fill in the housing provident fund loan application form and truthfully provide the following materials: the applicant and his spouse's housing provident fund deposit certificate; Identity certificates of the applicant and his / her spouse (referring to resident identity card, permanent residence booklet and other valid residence certificates), and marriage status certificates; Proof of stable family economic income and other creditor's rights and debts that have an impact on repayment ability;

How to handle provident fund loans in other places

1. Loan consultation

First of all, you need to consult the provident fund management center that applies for loans, ask whether the local government allows you to apply for provident fund loans in other places, if so, what conditions are required, what materials should be prepared, etc.

2. Loan application

Then, you need to submit an application for handling a non local loan to the management center where the provident fund is deposited. The staff will confirm your application to see whether the information you have stated is true. After confirmation, the staff will issue you the certificate for the deposit and use of non local loan employee housing provident fund.

3. Submission of information

You need to go to the provident fund management center applying for loans with your ID card, house purchase contract, certificate of use of loans in other places and other materials, and submit the materials to the staff. The staff will review your materials to confirm their authenticity and integrity. At the same time, the management center where you deposit the provident fund will identify your non local loans and establish a detailed account of non local loans.

After the information is approved, the provident fund center applying for a loan will go through the loan procedures for you and issue a loan to you. You need to repay the loan on time, and the provident fund management center of the city will cooperate with the provident fund center to urge you to repay.

The above is to pay the provident fund in Beijing. Can you buy a house in other places? How to handle all the contents of provident fund loans in different places? Friends who are still worried that provident fund loans can not be made in different places can rest assured after reading this article. The national policy will take into account the interests of the people. Now more and more people work in different places. In order to make use of provident fund conveniently, we have opened the policy of using provident fund in different places.