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How to set the black volcano video black operation process Volcano video is a popular short video platform at present. Users can see a lot of fresh and interesting videos on it every day, but there are always some people with poor quality who comment on it. How can volcano video be black? Let's follow Xiaobian to see how to black others in the volcano video.

Steps to set black for volcano Video:

1. If you want to pull the user in the black volcano small video, we can find each other through the message page or search ID, and then click his / her avatar to enter the personal details page.

2. In the account details page of the other party, you need to click the button in the upper right corner, so you can call up the function list and click to black the user.

3. After blackmailing others, we can also enter the setting page to manage the blacklisted people through the 'blacklist' function, which is very convenient and fast!

Users who want to pull black volcano small video, please refer to the above method settings!