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How to identify Chengdu's first house purchase policy in 2018

Chengdu is the only sub provincial megacity in Southwest China. It may not be mature in all aspects before, but now, Chengdu has become a household name, which has attracted many friends to live and develop in Chengdu. However, some friends may have a house in their hometown or other cities, and now they buy houses in Chengdu, How to identify the first suite in Chengdu? What is the new policy for house purchase in Chengdu?

How to identify the first suite in Chengdu

1. Chengdu has bought a house with a loan, the commercial loan has been settled, and then the loan to buy a house is the first one.

2. Chengdu bought a house with a loan and then sold it. The real estate can not be queried through the housing registration system, but the loan record can be found in the bank credit investigation system, and then the loan to buy a house is the first one.

3. Chengdu bought a suite with full payment and bought a house with loan -- the first one.

4. Chengdu bought a suite with all the money and later sold it. The real estate can't be found in the housing registration system. It's the first one to buy a house with a loan.

5. Chengdu has a commercial loan record of two suites under his personal name, all of which have been paid off and sold. At the same time, he can provide proof of the sale of two suites. In this case, when he makes a loan again, it is the first one.

6. There is a suite of commercial loans under my name that have been paid off, and the other one is that the provident fund loan has been sold. At the same time, I can provide proof of housing sales and apply for Chengdu commercial loan to buy a house -- the first one.

7. Husband and wife, one party uses commercial loans to buy a house before marriage, and the other party uses provident fund to buy a house before marriage? Loan. After marriage, they want to make a joint loan in the name of husband and wife. If the loan has been repaid, the relevant banking financial institutions in Chengdu can flexibly grasp the loan interest rate and down payment ratio according to the borrower's solvency, credit status and other specific factors.

8. Husband and wife, one has a house before marriage but no loan record, the other has a loan record before marriage but no Chengdu real estate under his name, and applies for a loan to buy a house after marriage -- the first set.

What is the new policy for house purchase in Chengdu?

1. Expand the scope of housing purchase restriction and include second-hand housing into the scope of purchase restriction. If buyers buy second-hand housing in the area of housing purchase restriction, they shall comply with the conditions for purchasing commercial housing specified in documents SBF [2016] No. 37 and CBF [2016] No. 45, and can only buy one new housing (including commercial housing and second-hand housing).

2, strengthen regional job balance in Chengdu hi tech Zone West Park, Jinjiang District, Qingyang, Jinniu District, Wuhou District, Chenghua District, Longquanyi, Xindu, Wenjiang, Shuangliu, PI Du District to buy housing, buyers must have restricted regional household registration, or in the restricted purchase area stable employment and continuous uninterrupted social insurance for more than 24 months.

3, strengthen the qualification of housing purchase. Registered residence residents in this region should not purchase housing in the restricted purchase area by making up social insurance. Housing management, human resources and social security departments should earnestly perform their duties, strengthen departmental cooperation, strengthen the qualification examination of house purchase, and ensure the implementation of housing purchase restriction measures.

4, support for reasonable housing demand for major investment projects and organs, enterprises and institutions to attract high-end talents, etc., after the district government (CMC) identified, their purchase can not be registered residence, social security payment time limit, but the purchase of commodity housing from the date of the contract, second-hand housing self loading into the real estate register within 5 years from the date of transfer.

The above is how to identify the first suite in Chengdu? All the contents of the new house purchase policy in Chengdu, the current house price trend and the house purchase restriction policy, local governments have introduced relatively strict house purchase regulations in line with local cities, so before you are ready to buy a house in Chengdu, you should first make a comprehensive understanding to ensure that you can enjoy the corresponding preferential policies and buy a house smoothly.