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How much does the second-hand house transfer fee cost? How is the second-hand house transfer fee cal

Now there are more and more transactions of second-hand houses. Many friends will choose second-hand houses when buying houses. Some friends may have bought new buildings. When teaching experience to some friends who want to buy second-hand houses, they also follow the process of buying new houses. In fact, there are some differences between the two, such as the transfer fee of second-hand houses, How much is the transfer fee of second-hand house? How to calculate the transfer fee of second-hand house?

How much is the transfer fee of second-hand house

1. In the process of second-hand housing transaction, there are many fees to be charged. Most of the second-hand housing transfer transaction taxes refer to all kinds of taxes levied by the tax department on the buyer and the seller in the process of second-hand housing transaction, including business tax, personal income tax, land tax, stamp tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, deed tax, surcharge, etc. In addition, it also includes housing right registration fee, notarization fee of sales contract, housing evaluation fee and housing property right registration fee.

2. Deed tax (paid by the buyer): according to some relevant provisions of the state, the relevant deed tax must be paid to the state for the sale of houses, whether it is the sale of commercial houses or stock houses. The standard for the transfer of second-hand houses of general residential type will pay deed tax according to 1% - 3% of the total price of the house payment, and the specific proportion will need to fluctuate according to the relevant national policies.

How to calculate the transfer fee of second-hand house

1. Business tax, after replacing business tax with value-added tax in 2016, is called value-added tax, and then judge whether it can be exempted according to the number of years of real estate certificate. According to regulations, if an individual transfers a house and has signed a transfer contract before April 30, 2016, and handles the property right change after May 1, 2016, he shall pay value-added tax instead of business tax.

2. Deed tax, current policy: 1% below 90 square meters; Residential 90-144 is 1.5%; The rest, whether residential or non residential, are 3%.

3. Personal income tax, if the house property certificate is issued for sale within 5 years, the income tax shall be levied at 1% of the sales price (in some places, the income tax shall be levied at 20% of the difference between the sales price and the original sales price, or one of the above two cases); If it can be proved that the seller sells the only house for family life, it can be exempted from income tax!

4. Stamp duty is exempted for residential buildings less than 90 square meters; Others are charged at 0.05% of the sales price!

5. Assessment fee. If you do not need a mortgage for your transfer, you should not need assessment. The assessment fee is generally 5‰ Within. Specific rates vary from place to place.

6. The intermediary fee can be transferred separately without intermediary. If the sale of a house must involve an intermediary (if you need a mortgage, you may have to find an intermediary), the intermediary fee is generally 0.5-2.5%; If you only need an intermediary to handle the property right certificate, you only need to pay the agency fee of about 200 yuan!

7. Other fees, some places may also involve production costs, registration fees, transaction fees, etc., but the number is small!! Housing reform housing land transfer fee: paid according to local policies, which are different in local policies.

The above is how much is the transfer fee of second-hand house? The whole content of how to calculate the transfer fee of second-hand houses. If you are a friend who buys second-hand houses for the first time, no matter how much experience you have in buying new buildings, you need to look at the purchase related matters of second-hand houses again. For example, the transfer fee mentioned above does not exist in the purchase of new houses, Friends who buy second-hand houses can calculate the transfer fee according to the method mentioned here.