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Why does white hair grow more and more? What is the reason of long white hair?

'my family doesn't have hereditary white hair, how can I grow so many white hair suddenly?' Ms. Cheng, a white-collar worker living in Yubei District, Chongqing, recently found a lot of white hair on her head, which distressed her in her early 30s. After visiting the dermatology department of Xinqiao Hospital of the Third Military Medical University, Ms. Cheng found that the "culprit" of white hair was sleeping with wet hair for a long time.

Speaking of white hair, Ms. Cheng said that she also pays attention to diet and decompression at ordinary times, but it has no effect on white hair. After careful inquiry and examination, the doctor found that the reason for Ms. Cheng's' white hair 'was that she slept with wet hair at night. 'now I have a baby. I go home from work around her. I have to get up early to go to work in the morning. I have no time at all. Often can only wait until the baby is asleep to have time to wash her hair, but also afraid of the sound of the hair dryer wake her up. I usually fall asleep with wet hair in the past two years. 'Ms Cheng told the doctor.

More and more white hair? There is a reason not to be ignored

Professor Wang ruipeng, dermatology department of Xinqiao Hospital, told reporters that Ms. Cheng's hair has been in a 'cold' state because she washed her hair before going to bed and did not dry it. Chronic consumptive diseases like 'typhoid' make hair globular pigment cells no longer grow and develop, which makes her unable to secrete melanin, thus hindering the formation of melanin particles, leading to hair turning white.

Some patients suffer from hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, pernicious anemia and other physiological chronic consumptive diseases for a long time. Professor Wang said that although some white hair caused by natural aging can't be relieved, the sudden white hair caused by mood or chronic diseases can turn black. As long as we pay more attention to relieve the pressure in our daily life and develop the correct daily eating habits, we can prevent the white hair from increasing, or even 'turning black from white'.

Professor Wang ruipeng said that there are many reasons for white hair, among them, with the increase of age, a large number of hair follicles wear and produce a large number of hydrogen peroxide, which is the main reason for the white hair. Because hydrogen peroxide blocks the normal synthesis of melanin, the natural pigment of hair.

In addition, the body's long-term lack of protein, vegetable oil, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, or the lack of trace elements copper, cobalt, iron in the diet can also cause the hair to turn from black to white. The other is that psychological stimulation can make the blood vessels supplying hair nutrition contracture, and then make the hair papilla at the root of hair produce melanin. Even though melanin can be produced, it can also produce a large number of white hair in a short time due to blocked input channels.

It is understood that in addition to the age-related natural aging caused by white hair, but including genetic factors or some diseases caused by early-stage white hair. According to modern medicine, juvenile white is mainly caused by the decrease of melanin formation in hair, the decrease of melanin formation by melanocytes and the decrease of tyrosinase activity.

For the prevention and treatment of white hair, Professor Wang suggested that we should stick to drawing small circles on the scalp with the index finger and middle finger after getting up in the morning and before going to bed, and rub the scalp: first from the forehead through the head to the back of the pillow, then from the forehead through the temples on both sides to the pillow. Massage for 1-2 minutes each time, rub back and forth 30-40 times per minute, and then gradually increase to 5-10 minutes.

This massage can accelerate the local blood circulation of the hair follicle, make the hair papilla get sufficient blood supply, improve the pigment cell nutrition of the hair ball, enhance the cell activity, and will be conducive to the secretion of melanin and make the hair black. "In terms of diet, Professor Wang suggested that patients with white hair could eat more foods with iron and copper elements such as animal liver, eggs, black fungus, kelp, soybean, sesame paste, shrimp and crab, hard fruit, etc.