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How Suning stores join Suning stores joining process and conditions

How Suning stores join Suning stores joining process and conditions Recently, Suning stores have developed very rapidly. Nearly 1400 stores have been opened in 8 months. This speed of development is really surprising and makes many investors interested in Suning stores! Many people want to know how Suning store joined? What are the conditions and procedures for joining? This article will explain in detail the process of Suning store, including project consultation, preliminary preparation, project planning, contract signing, etc. I believe you will know it clearly after reading it.

Suning small store franchise process

1、 Project consultation

Suning store is a brand that has appeared in the public's sight for a long time, and the stores are diverse and the business model is also very novel. Therefore, some investors inevitably have doubts about it, but it doesn't matter if there are doubts, because you can contact Suning store to solve it! Including how to join Suning store? Such problems can be solved by consultation; You can not only save yourself the time to find these information on the Internet, but also obtain more reliable information!

2、 Preliminary preparation

How to join Suning store? After this kind of problem, investors who meet the requirements of Suning small store and have the intention to open Suning small store need to make preparations for the start of the project! Because Suning store also wants to cooperate smoothly with investors, so that both brands and investors can get good development through this cooperation, it needs to make the cooperation process more standardized, and therefore investors need to prepare the prepared materials according to its requirements!

3、 Project planning

Investors noticed that the idea of opening a Suning store may be because there is a Suning store in the city where they live, and the operation is also very good; Some investors may have seen the introduction and reports of Suning store by various online media, so they had the idea of opening a store; But no matter which way, investors' understanding of Suning store must be one-sided! Therefore, investors need to interview, negotiate and plan the project with Suning store! Only in this way can we have a clear understanding of the project and better cooperation!

4、 Sign a contract

Formal cooperation of course requires a contract to guide the cooperation between the two sides and ensure the interests of both sides, so investors also need to sign a contract with Suning store! After reading the contract, investors who still have doubts about some contents in the contract can also put forward on the spot, or if they have any ideas to join the contract, they can also propose to negotiate with Suning store!