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Loan interest rate for house purchase in 2018 latest policy for house purchase in 2018

2018 is coming to an end, and the real estate market is full of twists and turns. Of course, many people still want to buy a house at the end of the year. Of course, the most concerned issue is the interest rate. Let's learn about the interest rate and the latest house purchase policy in 2018 first!

What is the loan interest rate for house purchase in 2018?

1. At present, the people's Bank of China announces the benchmark annual interest rate of loans: 0-6 months (including 6 months), and the annual interest rate: 4.35%; 6 months to 1 year (including 1 year), annual interest rate: 4.35%; 1-3 years (including 3 years), annual interest rate: 4.75%; 3-5 years (including 5 years), annual interest rate: 4.75%; 5-30 years (including 30 years), annual interest rate: 4.90%; The loan interest rate needs to be combined with the business type, credit status and guarantee mode applied by the buyer, and can be determined only after the approval of the handling outlet.

2. Since this year, major banks have successively raised housing interest rates. Taking the four major state-owned banks as an example, in 2018, the average interest rate of the country's first mortgage was 5.43%, equivalent to 1.11 times the benchmark interest rate, and more banks will join this ranks in the future.

3. 2018 is a year of differentiated regulation of the real estate market. Although there is still a lot of room for the rise of mortgage interest rate, it is believed that the interest rate of the first mortgage should not be too high for the protection of the first mortgage.

What are the latest policies for buying a house in 2018?

1. Insiders said that the property market will enter the "frozen housing era" in 2018. Take the first tier city Shenzhen as an example. Shenzhen was the leader in the last wave of property market rise, leading the country for about a year.

2. As early as a few months ago, there was speculation in the industry about whether Shenzhen, Beijing and other first tier cities would launch the sales restriction policy, and a piece of ordinary residential land sold in Shenzhen in 2018 was subject to a five-year sales restriction. This shows that the recent property market regulation is continuing to tighten.

3. The person in charge of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development also made it clear that the real estate regulation in 2018 should meet the rigid demand and support improvement. In the environment of tightening state regulation this year, speculators bear the brunt. We all know that the main purpose of sales restriction is to curb their.

The above is all about the loan interest rate for house purchase in 2018 and the latest policy for house purchase in 2018. Now we are also concerned about the real estate market in 2018. It can be said that there are almost no waves. House prices have always been rising steadily. I hope you will continue to pay attention to the new house purchase policy, Then continue to consider buying a house.