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How to claim a protected area in ant forest

How to claim a protected area in ant forest

Sihai network: Recently, the ant forest on Alipay has been upgraded. There will be fawn on the user's protection ground. How can ants forest claim protected areas? Here's a strategy for claiming ant forest nature reserve. You can claim it according to the steps.

How can ant forest claim a protected area?

1. open [Alipay] and find clicking into the ant forest in the "home page" or in [more] Education commonweal.

2. Click [planting trees] in the upper right corner

3. Click the first dam closing Nature Reserve in the environmental protection project.

4. Guanba is located in Pingwu, Sichuan, a national poverty-stricken county. By donating 4100g energy, one square meter of land can be protected, so as to protect the habitat of cherished wild animals! Click [I want to protect].

5. Click [apply for protection]

6. If you apply successfully, you will get the guard certificate issued by the system for 10 years!!! Come and see what other protected areas you can claim!

Ant Forest Nature Reserve claim strategy sharing is not very simple. Let's hurry to claim our own nature reserve.