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How to close the negative screen of Huawei mate20

Huawei mate20 is Huawei's top flagship this year, including many black technologies, which makes many consumers love it. Huawei mate20 has a negative screen interface by default. Many users think it is of little use and want to turn it off. Let's see how to turn off the negative screen.

1. First, click any blank space in Huawei mate20 main interface, and long press to enter desktop editing. At this time, you can enter the desktop settings.

2. There is a [setting] at the bottom left of the screen. Click to enter the setting.

3. In the settings, we can see the setting of [intelligent assistant]. It is on by default, and then click close. The negative screen will disappear.

The above is about the closing method of Huawei mate20 negative one screen. Is it very simple? Friends in need, set it up quickly.