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What are the dangerous articles in the house to avoid children eating by mistake

The family has the baby to pay attention to the baby's protection, because the baby is easy to move, and likes to put things into the mouth. So, what items in the home are likely to cause suffocation of children?

I. articles that are easy to cause suffocation of children at home

1. Toy building blocks

Building blocks are the toys that many children like to play with, even infants and young children love them very much. They can exercise their fingers and muscles, brain power and imagination, but they are also easy to be stuffed into their mouths by young infants.

2. A whole orange leaf

Open the orange and you will find that the width of a whole orange flap is still wide, so if the baby directly takes a whole slice and swallows it, it is easy to suffocate.

3. Peanut chocolate

Some parents will give children chocolate, but if the chocolate is filled with stuffing, it is possible to suffocate, especially hard nuts such as peanuts or almonds.

4. Whole lollipop

Don't think that lollipops are contained in the mouth and won't be dangerous. In fact, when many children are sucking, it's easy for the whole candy to fall off and get stuck in the throat directly.

5. Soft cotton candy

Although marshmallow will melt by itself, sometimes when it is contained in the mouth, it may stick to the upper jaw of the mouth and cause suffocation of the baby.

II. Prevention of suffocation due to ingestion of foreign matters by mistake

1. The size of toys should be large

Although big toys may occupy the space in your home, they are safer for infants. After all, for infants who can't fully understand adult words, they can't put big toys into their mouths.

2. Keep small things away

All the small and soft goods in the home should be collected and locked to prevent the baby from turning over when he is curious and playful. He should take them up and put them into his mouth, choking and suffocating.

3. Handle food carefully

A balanced diet can provide nutrition for your baby, but some foods may be too hard and large, so it's best to deal with them before serving them, cut them small or grind them.

4. Pay attention to baby food

When the baby is eating, sometimes he will swallow the food by mistake because of incomplete chewing or playing while eating, so it's better to pay attention to it when the baby is eating.

5. Learn first aid methods

Infants and young children are very prone to accidents, so parents should learn all kinds of first aid methods, such as scald treatment, suffocation treatment, drowning first aid and so on.