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How to convert PDF into word and how to convert PDF into word document

How to convert PDF into word and how to convert PDF into word document

Use the Microsoft Office document imaging component in office 2003 to convert PDF to word documents, that is, use word to complete the task. The method is as follows:

Method 1:

1. Open the PDF file you want to convert with adobe reader, and then select 'File & rarr; Print menu, in the open print window, set the name in the printer column to 'Microsoft Office document image writer', and confirm to output the PDF file as a virtual print file in MDI format.

Note: if the 'Microsoft Office document image writer' item is not found, use the 'Add / remove components' update in the Office 2003 installation CD to install the component, and select' office tools Microsoft draw Converter '.

2. Run 'Microsoft Office document imaging' and use it to open the MDI file just saved, and select 'tools & rarr; Send text to the word'menu, select' keep picture layout unchanged when outputting 'in the pop-up window. After confirmation, the system will prompt' OCR must be rerun before performing this operation. This may take some time ', regardless of it, just confirm.

Note: the recognition rate of PDF to doc is not particularly perfect, and the original typesetting format will be lost after conversion, so it needs to be typeset and proofread manually after conversion.

3.e-Pdf pdf 2 word converter 2.5

Recommended grade ★★★

E-pdf PDF 2 word converter is a software with single function, which can only convert PDF to word. However, the conversion speed and layout restoration ability of the software are relatively good, and the Chinese version is easy to operate. Just convert word format recommended by friends.

Method 2:

Among the following six softwares, the first three are applicable to ordinary PDF files (the contents can be selected with the mouse), and the last three are applicable to PDF files made of pictures or scanned copies (usually books downloaded from the network are in this form). You have to choose the right software to convert it to have the best effect.

How to judge whether a PDF file is encrypted: open your PDF file with adobe reader or Adobe Acrobat software. If you are prompted to enter a password, this file must be an encrypted file and cannot be converted. The other one can be opened. After opening, the words' (encrypted) 'after the file name in the title bar of the software (as shown in the figure below) are also encrypted PDF files. Instead of the opening password, it is the permission password for file modification. This kind of file cannot be converted. It can be converted only after the permission is removed.

Important: please make sure that your PDF file is not encrypted and restricted before conversion, otherwise the conversion will fail. See the notes at the bottom of this article for details.

1: Anybizsoft PDF Converter v2.5 recommended grade ★★★★

Anybizsoft PDF converter is a PDF to multi format software. The select part is the format you want to convert the output. You can choose whatever format you want. The premise is that you must install Microsoft office software.

The Add Files button is used to add the files you want to convert. You can batch them.

The output setting part is the output setting part, which sets the file output saving location. It can be the source PDF file location or you can customize it. Finally, the big convert button is the conversion start button. The software supports Chinese fonts very well, but sometimes the layout is a little messy. However, it supports multi format conversion. And the conversion speed is relatively fast

2: Solid converter PDF V6 / V7 recommended grade ★★★★★★★★

Solid converter PDF V6 is an artifact of converting PDF to word. It supports the conversion of PDF to word, Excel, pictures, HTML, etc. of course, this software also has the functions of adding watermark and modifying PDF.

Although the conversion speed is relatively slow, the effect of conversion is very good, and the layout remains almost unchanged. Another best function is to convert some PDF that is directly copied as garbled code.

3: . e-pdf 2 word Converter 2.5 recommended grade ★★★

E-pdf PDF 2 word converter is a software with single function, which can only convert PDF to word. However, the conversion speed and layout restoration ability of the software are relatively good, and the Chinese version is easy to operate. Just convert word format recommended by friends.

4: . CAJViewer 7.0 recommended grade ★★★★

CAJViewer 7 is a special browser for China HowNet. It also supports reading in PDF format. The full version is with OCR components (about 37m). After opening the PDF file, there is a magnifying glass on the toolbar, a tick under it, and an icon with a word and a on it. The tool is OCR tool. Select this tool, and then pull the box to select the recognition area. After a while, a text recognition result dialog box will appear. The text in it is the person who recognizes the extracted text. If you want to convert the whole PDF, you can save it as text in the menu bar file - -- save as text.

5: . abbyy finereader V9 recommended grade ★★★★

Abbyy finereader V9 is the most powerful PDF (picture format or scanned copy) to word software I have ever seen. It is an OCR software with a simple and clear interface. Version 9.0 and above have simplified Chinese version. It supports the recognition of 100 languages, especially the recognition effect of mixed languages is also very good.

Domestic OCR software only recognizes Chinese better. Moreover, as long as you set the language used to identify the file, open the PDF file (which supports direct opening), and then hand over other work to the software. After identification, the file is saved as word format. Moreover, the ability to maintain the layout is the best OCR software I have ever seen, and the recognition rate is also the highest, that is, the speed of conversion and recognition is relatively slow. As long as the PDF file is clear, the accuracy can basically reach more than 95% (except for professional contents such as mathematical formula, calculation formula, chemical formula, molecular formula and trigonometric function), which is strongly recommended. If you want to recognize Korean PDF files, please use version 10.0. 9.0 does not support Korean recognition.

6: . Readiris corporate 12 recommended grade ★★★★

Readiris corporate 12 is also an OCR software, which also supports the recognition of more than 100 languages. However, if you want to recognize Asian languages, you need to install an additional Asian language dictionary. The recognition ability is also very high, that is, the page retention ability is slightly worse than abbyy, and the conversion speed is relatively slow, and the compatibility with PDF files is slightly worse. Recognition is much higher than domestic OCR software, and it is also a rare software.

Of course, there are many kinds of software for PDF to word. The above software is only a better software selected from countless conversion software after I converted thousands of PDF files. I specially summarize some experience and encourage everyone to avoid too many detours.

matters needing attention:

Because PDF can be encrypted, if an encrypted PDF file is encountered, it can be converted only after decryption.

For PDF files that can be opened for reading but have limited functions such as copying and printing, you can generally remove the encryption permission with PDF password recover 3 or PDF Unlocker, and then convert( If PDF password recover 3 is not registered, it only supports decryption of 3 pages).