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Where is Wuhan wanghong rooftop, the place to take photos and punch in

The daily attendance tiktok of Wuhan has become a red net. Many people have gone to fame to take pictures. Wuhan wanghong photography holy land and Xiaobian go to understand it!

Wuhan wanghong rooftop

Where is Wuhan wanghong rooftop

Wanghong rooftop is located on the 26th floor of Lingyu community near Han street

Is Wuhan wanghong rooftop banned

Now the online Red platform is banned. We can only learn about it through some photos.

The biggest feature of this net red roof is that there is no high fence to block the view, which is very convenient for concave modeling.

The roof is divided into two layers. There are guardrails around the roof on the first floor. You can climb the roof on the second floor through a steel ladder at the corner of the first floor.

Here is a square platform. The elevation of the platform is only about 30 cm high. At the lower part is a U-shaped platform. The narrow part is only about 1 meter wide. There are no guardrails around. Many residents are very worried about the people who come to take photos, because there are no safety measures here, and the photographers are prone to accidents.

Now in the Lingyu community, the property management personnel have posted the notice of no entry to the roof, and some staff are under construction to remove the steel ladder leading to the second floor roof.

Wuhan wanghong photo Holy Land recommendation

Hankou Beach

The six kilometer reed marsh scattered from the end of October, and a whole piece of it swayed with the wind, becoming the net red in November. When reeds bloom, they can reach a height of 2 meters. In previous years, many tourists' drill around 'into the reeds and can only' look up to the sky '. This year, the Guanlu trestle on Hankou river beach has been completed.

Zhang Zhidong Museum

Zhang Zhidong and Hanyang Iron Works Museum are located on the Bank of the beautiful Hanyang Moon Lake embankment in Wuhan. The museum has 7 floors above and below the ground. Its appearance draws on the elements of ancient Chinese hieroglyphics and ancient buildings' cornices and corners', like a giant ship about to sail.

It implies Wuhan's urban character of bravely building the tide and the urban spirit of "daring to be the first and pursuing excellence".

Gutian Bridge

Listening to the name, I feel a breath of literature and art. Gutian bridge is a European style bridge with light Prussian blue coat. When you drive up the bridge, the blue bridge will be introduced into your eyes. You can't help but want to slow down and look more. This English style suspension bridge has attracted many young people to take photos.

Glass drifting in jinligou, Huangpi

The total length of the slide is 1800 meters, and the drop difference of the slide is 100 meters. The whole process is made of high-strength and transparent glass, which is safe, thrilling and exciting! Let you experience the high-altitude whistling and skiing, and at the same time, you can experience the feeling of flying boat and Whitewater surfing.

Hankou River Beach - Zhiyin

Put on the clothes specially provided by Zhiyin, and the moment you step into the wharf, you will cross to old Hankou in the 1930s. Ballrooms, bars, cafes, even stairs, corridor corners & hellip; ' Every corner of the "bosom friend" is a stage, and many actors take the audience together to complete a "crossing" trip.

East Lake Paraglider

The East Lake is beautiful. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are different, and the sunny days and rainy days are also different. Go to the East Lake, ride the greenway, visit Luoyan island and Lingbo gate. Well, I think you're short of an air gliding. What kind of experience is it to stand high and overlook the East Lake? It's natural to fly once in the air.

Although it is not easy to find a suitable place to take photos, safety is more important! And there are so many places in Wuhan where you can take photos. You can choose other places