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Read quickly how to delete a work there are many users who have published works in quick reading, but some people want to delete their black history works in order to avoid being seen by their friends. Then the following small series will introduce you to read quickly and add dubbing methods, which I believe will be helpful to you.

Read the tutorial on deleting works quickly:

1. If you want to delete the works in quick reading, users should first click the 'my' option in the lower right corner of the home page to enter the personal center, and then open the self created works you want to delete.

2. After entering the work editing page, we need to select the '...' option in the upper right corner, so that we can call up the function list to find the deletion option.

3. Click the 'delete work' function in the list and confirm to complete the cleaning. In addition, the software does not provide dustbin service. It cannot be recovered after deletion!

If you want to delete the works in quick reading, please refer to the above method settings!