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2018 journalists' Day event planning examples of journalists' Day event planning

When the reporter's day comes, all news units have held activities of the reporter's day. How to write the planning of the reporter's day? The following Xiaobian has sorted out several activity plans. Let's learn together!

Activity plan I of 2018 journalists' Day:

1、 Activity background:

At present, the major media journalists in the University have become an important force to inherit the spiritual culture of the University. They have their own understanding and ideas for journalists, and they lead the current political trend and spiritual direction of College Students' life. Campus journalists play an important role in excavating new events and reporting current political news on campus. At the same time, they also have their own style of journalists. Here, in order to provide a good platform for major media journalists and reporter lovers in our school to show themselves, we have decided to hold a series of large-scale reporter's Day activities, For every student who has a reporter's pursuit to realize his reporter's dream!

2、 Purpose of the activity:

1. Enrich college students' campus life and provide a platform for school media reporters to show themselves and realize their dreams.

2. Through the press conference, we will officially announce to the media inside and outside the school that we will hold a series of activities of the * th reporter's day of Jinshan Youth newspaper of the Youth League Committee of the University, and invite all media reporters to actively participate.

3. Let all teachers and students of the school fully understand the series of activities of this reporter's day.

3、 Target audience: literature society, press corps of colleges and representatives of publicity department

4、 Venue: Tian Jiabing 301 (tentative)

5、 Activity time: 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 16, XX

6、 Preparation:

Preliminary preparation:

(1) production of previous journalists' festivals; (2) production of news videos( The content mainly includes the current social news hot spots and the current situation of campus journalists)

(3) detailed introduction of PPT series activities

(4) make a propaganda banner 'press conference of Jinshan Youth newspaper of the Youth League Committee of the University'

(5) making invitation letters of each college; Take advantage of the exchange opportunities of colleges and universities to invite media reporters from university newspapers (Fuda University, Normal University, Engineering University, Medical University, Minjiang, etc.)

Post preparation:

(1) classroom application (Multimedia), classroom decoration

(2) prepare seat plates for guests, colleges and literary societies

(3) arrange 4 ~ 6 on-site etiquette personnel to guide

7、 Press conference activity process:

1. [6:30pm] admission. Highlights of previous press festivals will be broadcast before the conference

The etiquette staff of the newspaper office will guide the representatives of the press delegation of each college, the representatives of the literary society in the school (pastoral, Nanfeng, etc.) and the guests of Rongcheng university to take their seats; The president, editor in chief and vice presidents attending the press conference and five ministers of the five departments of the newspaper were seated.

2. [3-5 minutes] the president made an opening speech, announced the official start of the press conference, introduced the newspaper ministers attending the press conference, welcomed the guests and thanked the delegations and students present for their arrival and strong support.

3. [8-15 minutes] play video clip( The content mainly includes the current social news hot spots, the current situation of campus journalists and the situation of our newspaper office)

4. [3-5 minutes] guest comments. Invite the head of a College Press delegation (or a representative of a foreign university) to talk about his views and suggestions on campus journalists.

5. [5-10 minutes] background introduction. The editor in chief analyzes the current role of campus media on the social situation in the short film and the situation of campus journalists, introduces the background and original intention of the newspaper's series of activities of this reporter's day, and sincerely invites the majority of campus journalists to actively participate in this activity.

6. [5-8 minutes] activity details. The vice president will introduce in detail the series of activities of our newspaper this reporter's Day ('jinshan Youth Cup 'essay competition, press conference, cultural exhibition, reporter style competition) and various schedules--( Ppt material can be used in this link)

7. [10-15 minutes] on site interaction. All representatives and students present can freely ask questions to the publishers about the aspects of the event that they are not clear about or are very interested in. The president of the newspaper and all ministers respond positively and actively guide everyone's enthusiasm for participation.

8. [5-8 minutes] end the session. The president will conclude the common reporter dream, thank you for coming, and inform the representatives of each college that our activity planning and application form will be sent to each college.

Planning of press day activities

1、 Activity background

November 8 is the Chinese journalists' day. On November 8, 1937, left-wing journalists led by Fan Changjiang established the China Young Journalists Association in Shanghai. Since the founding of new China, the China Journalists Association has united the majority of journalists, promoted the development of China's journalism, and made remarkable contributions to the friendly exchanges between the international press. As contemporary college students, they should actively pay attention to the development of China's journalism and promote its continuous growth. To this end, the press station carried out the press day celebration hosted by the Youth League Committee of the college and hosted by the press station of my university magazine in Nanshan college, Yantai.

2、 Activity theme

Charming reporter, all the way.

3、 Activity purpose

Publicize news knowledge, cultivate practical ability, enrich university culture, enhance learning and exchange among young college students, and promote the construction of harmonious campus.

4、 Activity time and place

From November 8 to 14, the student activity center of Donghai campus of Nanshan University

5、 Main contents of the activity

1. Put up posters and banners on campus to publicize the reporter's day

2. 'I'm a reporter' experience activity and signature collection activity

3. Simulate 'high end dialogue'

6、 Activity flow

1. From November 3 to 5, 'I'm a reporter' experience activity recruits experimenters.

2. Posters and banners were posted on 6 November.

4. On November 7, the "I am a reporter" experience activity and signature activity were carried out

5. Simulated high-end dialogue from November 8 to November 9

(1) I'm a reporter 'experience activity

First recruit the experimenters, and then divide the experimenters into groups. There are three people in each group, one is responsible for interview, one is responsible for recording and one is responsible for taking photos. Team members must prepare their own mobile phones or recording pens, pens and notebooks. The interviewers recorded with their mobile phones, and the photographers took photos with their mobile phones. The recorder shall make records with a pen. After the interview, let the interviewees participate in the activity of correcting mistakes with one word, and reward a balloon for correcting one word

Interview topic: ① your favorite journalist; ② Why do you like him or her; ③ What kind of news do you pay most attention to; ④ Can you introduce the recent events at home and abroad? Do you have an explanatory view on these events ⑤ today is China's 11th journalists' day. What do you want to say to national journalists ⑤ if you are also a campus reporter, what do you think should be done to benefit the development of the society or how to improve the popularity of the school( Experience the press conference and issue the exquisite card of the reporter Station of the magazine, which enjoys part of the treatment of the reporter of the magazine)

(2) Signature solicitation

Make a banner with "news can be seen everywhere, reporters are around -- my university reporter Station in Nanshan College". At the end of each experience activity, invite the interviewees to sign as a souvenir.

(3) Simulated 'high end interview'

The members of the poetry club are divided into six groups, five groups are responsible for interviewing the head teachers of each class, and one group is responsible for interviewing the leaders of the Academy.

Activity plan II of 2018 journalists' Day:

1、 Activity background: after the recruitment, the addition of new members makes the press corps stronger. At the same time, most members don't know much about the spirit and quality of the press corps. We hope to communicate in the form of new and old member exchange meetings and interviews, and hope to teach the experience and lessons of old members to the next students, so as to improve the enthusiasm and professional quality of student journalists, and clarify the rights and obligations of members.

2、 Activity theme: press day activity and exchange meeting for new and old members of the press corps

Say what the reporter saw and talk about what the reporter felt

3、 Activity time: November 8, XX

4、 Activity style: relaxed but humanistic

5、 Organizer: college student press corps

6、 Venue: conference room of university student activity center

7、 Participants: all members of the college students' press group, special guests (the group's instructor, senior students and sisters of sophomores and junior students of the press group, heads of other associations and alumni)

8、 Early publicity:

1. Notify all officers of the meeting

2. Send invitations to members

3. Draw up posters and post them at designated locations

9、 Preparations: 1. Carefully plan the event and invite guests, and the head is responsible for setting up a planning group; 2. The deputy head shall be responsible for the application for location; 3. The information network department or other departments shall be responsible for the first phase of publicity; 4. Select the host, notify the personnel to sign in, and the Secretariat is responsible for purchasing the required items; 5. The information network department is responsible for making slides; 6. The venue will be arranged at 2 p.m. on the 8th, and the planning team and the Secretariat will be responsible for it

10、 Activity flow:

1. Entertain all guests invited

2. At the official beginning, the host delivered a speech, welcomed the guests and made an introduction;

3. Instructor's speech

4. Guest speech

5. Opening programs, theatrical performances, etc

6. Introduce the moderator of the small section and invite guests to take a seat on the stage;

7. Intermediate interaction link;

8. The person in charge of the interview in the middle conducted on-site interview

9. The host delivered a speech and invited the next group of guests to the stage;

10. Ending program

11. The head and deputy head of the delegation delivered a speech to thank the guests and put forward their expectations for the development of the press corps in the future

11、 Precautions:

1. All personnel must arrive and strictly sign in and ask for leave;

2. The link arrangement highlights the characteristics of the press corps and ensures that the scene is warm and stable;

3. Do a good job in the preparatory work, and fully complete the on-site service.

12、 Budget:

1. Invitation letter: 21 yuan (100 copies)

2. Decoration supplies: 25 yuan (ribbon, balloon, etc.)

3. Prize: 40 yuan

4. Paper cup tea: 25 yuan

5. Other emergency expenses: 50 yuan

Total: 161 yuan only