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What's what it means to be so tiktok?

Recently, there is a sentence on the shaking voice: "good feeling," tiktok feels that life has reached its peak. It is really super fire. It is said that a little brother took the fire, so what does this sentence mean? What's the problem? Curious babies, let's learn more about it with Xiaobian!

Shake your voice well, feel that life has reached its tiktok.

This tiktok brother is from a small Mandarin brother, whose meaning is "little brother", which is different from the brother dancing in the big city.

Hi yo, I feel that life has reached its peak

Brother brother's tiktok: douyudouyu

Microblog: Yu is redundant

At present, it has 46.5w fans, and the video has reached 168.1w, which can be said to be instantly popular!

Original video:

How high

I feel that life has reached a climax

It feels like life has reached its peak

What a shock

So dazzling, so dazzling

The DJ is looking at me

He's looking at me

Xiaobian believes that everyone is convinced by the little brother's magical plastic Mandarin and exaggerated performance. He feels the same and thinks he is cheap. Don't be too talented!

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