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What homework should I do before buying a house? What should I ask when I see a house on the spot

It is almost the end of the year. Some people buy a house at the end of the year, and others buy a house after graduation. As a novice to buy a house, before buying a house, the following preparation homework must be done well.

1、 Understand the current house purchase policy

Have the qualification to buy a house, otherwise you can't buy a house with money; To have enough down payment, don't need 70% down payment, but you only have 50%; Provident fund loans are also conditional. You can't make loans after paying the provident fund, and the amount of provident fund loans is also limited.

1. Purchase qualification

In some cities with purchase restrictions, the purchase qualification requirements are relatively strict, and the social security should be paid for a certain number of years. So before buying a house, you must pay attention to whether you are qualified to buy a house.

2. House purchase and relocation account

Hukou has always been a big problem. Outsiders should understand the conditions for moving their registered permanent residence in the city when buying a house. For example, some require to buy a house with an area of XX square meters in XX District in order to move into their registered permanent residence, while some cities stipulate that buying second-hand houses cannot move into their registered permanent residence, etc. Since you want to buy a house and move households, you have to find out the conditions so that you can have a definite goal.

3. Provident fund loan

Before handling the provident fund loan, the individual provident fund account must be paid continuously for 6 months (slightly different in some cities). Before buying a house, pay attention not to withdraw the provident fund. In addition, the purpose of housing provident fund loan is self occupied housing. Those who buy office space, commercial space, garage, villa and other non residential houses will not apply for housing provident fund loan. In addition, the purchased property must have all property rights and mortgage conditions. If part of the property rights of the house are purchased, and the nature of the purchased housing land is non-state-owned land, the provident fund deposit employees cannot apply for provident fund loans.

2、 Identify your needs

Before looking at the house, ask yourself the following questions:

① How much money do you have in hand and how much is the down payment? How many loans can you afford?

② Plan how much time there is between buying a house and decoration. If you don't have enough time to save money, you have to reserve some decoration money.

③ Where is your life circle? Are you going to buy it near your place of work, or near your other half's place of work? Or maybe you're going to buy a house between you and your partner's workplace, so you can probably determine the area to buy a house.

④ Do you plan to make a transition or not change your house within 5 years? If you don't change your house within 5 years, you should put comfort first and consider the number of family members in the future. In addition, do you need to meet the needs of kindergartens / primary schools / junior middle schools around to buy a house?

⑤ What size house are you going to buy? How many rooms? Don't wait to see the house. These should be determined in advance.

3、 Collect real estate information

Now the network is very developed, and all kinds of information are very convenient to check. Before looking at the house on the spot, first look at the real estate in the area where you plan to buy a house on the Internet. Understand the relevant real estate information on the Internet and make a comparison. In addition, you can go to the owners' forum to see the comments of netizens on the real estate. The posts on the forum are still more pertinent.

4、 What should you ask when you see a house on the spot?

1. Price

The price can be divided into average price, starting price, low price and high price. The comparison of average price has reference significance, but the price is still different for different buildings, house types and floors. If you are optimistic about which house, you must ask the specific price.

2. Property

Whether the property service is good or bad is related to the comfort of staying in the future. We should ask what the property service items are. In addition, don't look at the insignificant property fee. It's also a big expense over time. The amount of property fee directly affects your future living cost. Most properties are less than 2 yuan, and some properties advertised as high-end properties are more than 2 yuan or even 4 yuan.

3. Delivery time

We must know whether we can check in on time, whether we can obtain the record form of construction project completion acceptance, the technical report on the actual measurement of commercial housing area, the residential quality guarantee, the residential operation manual, etc.

4. Sales mode

The salesperson should be asked to give a clear answer whether to sell according to the building area or the built-in building area (the main difference between the two is that the building area includes the shared area, while the built-in building area does not include the shared area). At present, many are sold according to the construction area. Of course, it does not rule out that some are sold according to the internal area.

5. Parking space

Now cars are very common. Maybe there is no car now, but it doesn't mean that you won't buy a car in the future. What is the number of parking spaces, whether they can be rented and sold or only rented and not sold? The charging standard of parking space fees and whether it is an above ground parking space or an underground parking space should be asked clearly. It also needs to be clear that the salesperson's reply and commitment can not be used as the legal basis for disputes in the future. Everything shall be subject to the house purchase contract and supplementary agreement.

6. Several stairs and several households

A large number of practices have proved that the living comfort of 3 households with 2 ladders is good, and now many are 4 households with 2 ladders. 1 elevator, 2 households, 3 households or 2 elevator, 5 households and 6 households are also acceptable, but pay attention to the house with only one elevator. What should I do if the elevator breaks down? Don't consider those with 2 ladders, 7 and 8 households.

7. Floor spacing

The size of building spacing is related to the quality of daylighting and privacy. If the building spacing is too small, it will not only lead to poor daylighting, but also make invisibility unprotected. Every move at home is easy to be seen by the residents opposite, unless the curtains are also pulled in the daytime.

8. Plot ratio

The lower the floor area ratio, the fewer houses built per unit area, and the less depressed people live in it. Relatively speaking, the daylighting of the lower floors will be better. The lower the floor area ratio, the better the comfort of living.

9. House type

We should learn how to understand the house type map and understand the quality of the house type. If you read more, you will find problems and naturally understand them. At the same time, the floor plan can not be ignored.

10. Pool

It is also a house with a construction area of 100 square meters. Why is the area of others' suite 82 square meters and mine only 75 square meters? Therefore, when buying a house, the pool is small, which is definitely the selling point of the house. Generally, the public share is more than 20%, and there are very few within 20%.

11. Construction unit

This is too important. Qualification directly affects the quality of the house. When you know the name of the construction unit, you should go to the Internet to search for keywords. You can go to the owner's forum and real estate professional website to check the reputation of the construction unit, and check the good and bad information about the construction unit as much as possible.

In addition, when you go to the sales department, you should also pay attention to asking whether the five certificates and two books are complete. Considering that the house delivery needs to pay various taxes and fees, such as deed tax, property fee, maintenance fund, etc., part of the remaining money should be left in hand, so that the house delivery can not panic when it is in urgent need of money.