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How to buy mini LCD TV

In recent years, wechat LCD TV has become a favorite in the market. Although it is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. It is very popular because it is easy to carry. So if you want to buy a micro LCD TV, how to choose one with high quality and high price? The following selection method needs to be read.

Purchase method of micro LCD color TV

In recent years, large screen color TV consumption fever has emerged in domestic cities. The sales of 25-33 inch color TV sets have increased significantly, becoming a new hot spot pursued by urban users. On the other hand, urban consumption has started micro color electric heating. The emergence of micro LCD color TV has attracted the attention and pursuit of many consumers, and the domestic commercial sales have increased greatly. The volume of micro LCD color TV is only the size of the palm, but 'although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs'. It has the same performance as large color TV, but uses more integrated components, and the display part uses advanced liquid crystal imaging technology. Due to the small machine consumption electrode, dry battery and AC power plant can be used as power supply, as well as the characteristics of convenient carrying, clear picture and moderate price, it will become one of the favorite electrical products for frequent visitors.

This paper introduces its purchase method.

1、 Selected model

At present, the mini LCD color TV sets sold in shopping malls mainly include the products of Casio and xitecheng companies in Japan. Among them, the product development in Western Europe is earlier, the product replacement is fast, there are many domestic maintenance points, and the sales volume in China is also large. Most of the liquid crystal color TV Technologies of West Rail city are American military, with reliable quality. There are three kinds of mini LCD color TV sets: handheld, folding and small desktop. The screen sizes are 2.2, 2.6, 2.9, 3, 3.3 and 4 inches. Generally speaking, palm type and folding type are suitable for people who often go out, and small desktop is suitable for bed at home. The commercially available Casio liquid day color TV models include TV -- 80, TV -- 1450, etc.

2、 Look at the function and selection mode

The function of micro LCD color TV is similar to that of large color TV. It should have the following functions: light touch automatic channel search and selection, channel digital display, and multi-stage audio equalization. Some also have functions such as medium and short wave radio, preset channel, plutonium control, system selection, AV interface terminal, etc. The models with the above functions shall be described at the time of purchase.

Buying Mini Color TV is not necessarily suitable for China's system. Casio's products have three systems: type B is standard NTSC (m); Type C is CCR.

3、 Tips for using micro LCD color TV

① When watching a miniature LCD color TV, pull out the pull rod antenna first.

② Use the function selection key to select VHF channel or UHF channel.

③ Use the volume control key to adjust to the appropriate volume.

④ Use the brightness control key to adjust the brightness of the image. The brightness of the screen varies with the viewing angle.

⑤ If necessary, use the color control key or chroma control key to adjust the color of the image.

⑥ After use, turn off the power switch and press the rectifier transformer.

⑦ When the TV is not used for a long time, take out the battery in the machine.