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Tiktok how to play Kwai time machine play

How to play Kwai Kwai time machine, special time play

Kwai sik: how do you shoot the fast time machine? Not knowing how to shoot game player, Kwai Xiaobi brings you a quick time video camera tutorial, and then look down.

Setting up the Kwai time machine special effects:

In short, if you want to shoot a video of Kwai Kong Special Effects in fast hands, we should first click the button on the upper right corner of the main page to enter the smiley face function of the lower left corner of the selected page, and find out the effect of time machine from the list of special effects.

Find and set the time machine special effects under the popular categories (as shown below), and you can start recording video. Users in front of the camera will gradually add wrinkle effect to make the face grow old quickly!