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How much is the ticket for lighting in Shirakawa Township, Japan

Christmas is the largest global Festival at the end of the year, and it is also a festival that many small partners have been looking forward to for a long time. In addition to the grand party, for example, the Japanese Light Festival also amazed the whole world. Small partners who want to go to the Japanese Light Festival at Christmas can see it. Take a look at this strategy!

At that time, Japan was bright and romantic, like stars in the sky. Do you want to participate in it? So, next, Xiaobian will take you to learn about the time of Japanese winter lighting and some other information!

Shibuya Qingzhi cave

The "Green Cave" winter lighting activity, which won high popularity in Zhongmuhei in 2014, was launched in Shibuya in 2016, and the venue this year (2018) is also in the lively Shibuya district!

This year, 600000 light bulbs will be lit, starting from the beech tree and wood channel in daidaimu park to Shibuya Park, with a total length of 800 meters. Let the "Green Cave" emitting mysterious blue light spend a romantic Christmas with you!

Shibuya Qingzhi cave pill lighting (Shibuya)

Lighting time: 17:00 ~ 22:00, November 30 ~ December 31, 2018

Lighting location: Yutian chuancho, Tokyo Metropolitan Valley District

Transportation: take Jr or Tokyo Metro to "Shibuya" station, "Harajuku" station, "Meiji Shrine" station, "daitamu Park" station and "daitamu Bafan" station

Inside the pill

On the 1.2km long "Marunouchi Zhongtong" near Tokyo station, which is connected with letting, otacho and other areas, more than 200 road trees in two rows are covered with more than one million champagne golden LED lights, and the power of all bulbs comes from natural solar and wind power generation.

While creating a romantic Christmas atmosphere for the city, it also does not forget the thinking of environmental protection and caring for the earth, which is very Japanese style.

Marunouchi イルミネション2018

Lighting time: 17:30 ~ 23:00 on November 8, 2018 ~ February 17, 2019 (17:00 ~ 24:00 in December)

Lighting location: Marunouchi, Chiyoda District, Tokyo

Transportation: take the train from Tokyo to "Tokyo" station

Liubenmu District

Have a super dreamy cosmic sense of meteors and the Milky way! In midtown, Roppongi, which covers an area of 2000 square meters, the theme of 2018 is "Starlight garden". With the theme of "space travel" designed by the concept of seven planets of the solar system, visitors seem to be in the Milky way.

During the period from November 13 to December 16, the performance is limited. The theme is "the birth, brilliance and explosion of stars". Light bulbs with high transparency like soap bubbles light up the whole street, showing the dream and vastness of cosmic light spots.

Midtown, Roppongi

Lighting time: 17:00 ~ 23:00, November 13 ~ December 25, 2018

Lighting location: 9-7-1, Akasaka, Tokyo Metropolitan port area, liubenmu station and mahbu Shifan station

Transportation mode: take the Duku Dajiang line to "liubenmu" and go straight out at exit 8, or take the Tokyo メ ribigu line to "liubenmu" and take the underground connecting road

Mu Heichuan

As a well-known cherry viewing spot, Zhongmu Hei not only has a cherry tunnel full of Yoshino cherry blossoms in spring, but also has a unique style of "winter cherry" in winter.

Local restaurants and small families independently launched the waste oil recycling campaign, which was then refined into renewable energy by the industry to light 420000 LED bulbs hanging on more than 800 Yoshino cherry trees along the coast of muheichuan, which not only brought a crowd to the local area, but also successfully wrote a new page of the independent movement of local residents.

Muhei \ Sichuan みんなのイルミネション2018

Lighting time: 17:00 ~ 22:00, November 10, 2018 ~ January 8, 2019

Lighting location: liwufantian, shuifuchang, muhei \ Chuanyan Road, Pinchuan District

Transportation: take Jr to "Osaki" or "wufantian" station and walk for 6 minutes


As one of the shooting scenes of the Japanese drama meteor garden, huibishou garden square has always been a favorite dating place for lovers. There are not only restaurants, department stores, cafes and cinemas, but also well-known night scenes and Winter Christmas lights.

Walking on the brick Avenue, you can enjoy the mutual reflection of modern high-rise buildings and European style red brick buildings. Every street corner and every road tree seems to be contaminated with the sweet smell of lovers, warming up the romance of the city.


Lighting time: 16:00 ~ 24:00, November 3, 2018 ~ January 8, 2019

Lighting location: 4-20, obishou, Shibuya District, Tokyo

Transportation: take Jr Yamato line, Tokyo メトロロロロトロロロメメトロロ𞥋𞥋恵恵恵恵

Tokyo Yomiuri Paradise (amusement park)

The biggest in the capital circle! Colorful gem paradise with 5.5 million lights! This year, a "jewelry gelande" lighting slide is specially set up to slide down from the huge peak of light in a special sled. It is a new exciting experience.

In addition, dynamic lighting shows will be held in the park from time to time, which are colorful and gorgeous! While playing with amusement facilities and wandering in the romantic sea of gem lights, come here to create the most special memories of this winter!

Yomiuriland jewelry lighting in Tokyo Yomiuri paradise in winter

Lighting time: 16:00 ~ 20:30 on October 11, 2018 ~ February 17, 2019 (lighting from December 25 to 21:00)

Lighting location: 4015-1, yanokou, Tokyo

2018 Caretta Xiliu illumination "Disney movienex princess series lighting activities"

Caretta Xiliu welcomes the 16th anniversary of its opening this year, and the 13th anniversary of lighting activities in winter. This year, the theme of lighting design is the popular Disney live action films "strange fate of ice and snow" and "strange fate of magic hair", creating a dreamy and gorgeous garden of light.

And you can also go to the prospect space on the 46th floor of Caretta Xiliu to enjoy the night view of the stage and the coast!

2018 Caretta illumination "Disney movienex princess series lighting activity"

Lighting time: 17:00 ~ 23:00 on November 15, 2018 ~ February 14, 2019 (lighting from 18:00 after January 3)

Lighting location: Floor 2, Xiliu underground, dongxinqiao 1-8-2, Tokyo Metropolitan port area

Transportation: get off at the "Xiliu" station of the subway

State owned Showa Memorial Park winter Vista illumination (2018 information has not been released)

Tokyo's oasis "state-run Showa Memorial Park" opened at night in December to let everyone feel the warm power conveyed by gorgeous lights on cold winter nights.

Lighting with different themes brings visitors a novel visual feast every year. 15000 light bulbs are lit in the park and bloom next to the fountain of the target object in the park. The reflection of trees and lights on the water makes people want to take pictures! However, due to the vast area of the park, it may be cold at night. Be sure to take cold prevention measures!

State run Showa Memorial Park winter Vista illumination

Lighting time: 17:00, December 8, 2018 opening ceremony

Lighting location: lichuankou Memorial Park, 3173, Lvting, Lichuan City, Tokyo

Transportation mode: 15 minutes on foot at "Lichuan" station of JR central line

Admission fee: 410 yuan for adults, 80 yuan for children (primary and secondary school students), free for children, and 210 yuan for children over 65 years old

Tokyo Tower winter fantasy orange illumination (2018 information has not been released)

The theme of lighting the Tokyo Tower this year is "orange". The warm orange lights bring you a warm Christmas! In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Tokyo Tower, the 60-year-old fir, the largest 12 meter fir in Tokyo, decorated with light bulbs, is displayed under the tower, which is very Christmas.

In winter, it's very suitable to come to Tokyo Tower to see the night view and see the Christmas tree by the way!

Tokyo Tower winter fantasy orange illumination

Lighting time: 16:00 ~ 22:00 on November 2 (V) 2018 ~ February 28 (IV) 2019 ※ the lighting ceremony will be held on the first day (11 / 2).

Lighting location: in front of the front porch and the grand exhibition terrace of Tokyo タ ワ ワ ワ, Shige Park, Tokyo Metropolitan port area

Transportation: 5 minutes on foot at the "Chiyu bridge" station of the subway

Admission fee: it is free to watch the Christmas tree in the square in front of the gate, and the admission fee of Tokyo Tower grand exhibition Observatory is 900 円 for adults, 500 円 for primary and secondary school students, and 400 円 for children (over 4 years old)

Tokyo Dome City winter lightsgarden

With the theme of "Edo essence - Gorgeous Japan", this year's Tokyo giant egg is divided into four areas: "stained glass", "huge fireworks", "umbrella jewelry box" and "origami full of memories", which combines traditional Japanese art with lighting.

"He umbrella jewelry box" shows the beautiful and umbrella from Gifu County, a well-known production area "Origami full of memories" uses paper cranes and paper wind boats to create 6m high trees. Here, in addition to gorgeous lighting, you can also enjoy the unique slender and exquisite technology of Japan.

Tokyo Dome City Winter lights Garden

Lighting time: 16:00 ~ 24:00 on November 7, 2018 ~ February 17, 2019

Lighting location: 1-3-61 houla, Wenjing District, Tokyo

Transportation mode: from the "Shuidao bridge" station of JR central and general Wuben lines

In the lighting activity in Japan, the light is not so dazzling or so strong, but a kind of tenderness and romance. Suddenly looking back, the man is in the dim light!