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Winter tourism in Qingdao

Qingdao is a very famous city in Shandong, with rich tourism resources. If you want to travel to Qingdao, you'd better make a tourism plan in advance. Xiaobian will provide you with some interesting places in Qingdao for reference!

Night view of Olympic Sailing Center

The Olympic Sailing Center is the venue of the sailing competition of the 2008 Olympic Games, where you can see many luxury yachts that you can't normally see. There are also sailboats that can be rented out to sea. The beauty of the Olympic Sailing Center lies in the night, with bright lights and sparkling lights

Qingdao Underwater World

Admission: 130 yuan / person in peak season, 100 yuan / person in off-season. Preferential price: 95 yuan / person in peak season and 85 yuan / person in off-season

Qingdao underwater world is located on the Bank of Huiquan Bay in Qingdao, adjacent to Lu Xun Park, a famous scenic spot in Qingdao, and the first bathing beach in Qingdao. It integrates the original tourism resources such as Qingdao aquarium, herbarium and freshwater fish Museum, and integrates with the natural beauty near the mountain and the sea to form a wonder of sea in the mountain. Its unique geographical location, modern display means, good integration and complementarity with aquarium, herbarium and freshwater fish Museum make it a national unique marine ecological Grand View Garden.

Qingdao underwater world is located at No. 2 Laiyang Road, Qingdao, adjacent to Lu Xun Park and the first bathing beach, a famous scenic spot in Qingdao. With a total construction area of 7000 square meters and 4000 tons of water, it is a modern large-scale marine ecotourism project jointly invested and developed by Qingdao aquarium and Shandong Luxin Investment Group Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 220 million yuan.

Qingdao undersea world is mainly composed of intertidal zone, undersea tunnel and four underground sightseeing buildings. The display part is completely underground. The intertidal zone is 35 meters long; The subsea tunnel is 86.2 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The radian of the arched glass of the tunnel adopts a combination of 180 degree conventional angle, 254 degree large angle, 360 degree cylindrical water body and window glass. Walking in the tunnel is like being on the seabed, with large and small fish swimming around, and you can see the scene of people and sharks dancing together; There are up to 7.6 meters on the fourth floor underground. At present, Asia's largest acrylic monomer cylinder display water tank shows some precious coral reef organisms.

Danxi hot spring parent-child water world

Recently, Qingdao has opened a new water world, which is located in zangma mountain scenic spot, which is also the only children's water park in Qingdao. It mainly includes six core recreational projects, such as wild wave pool, storm boat, glacier and snow Valley, ecological rafting, parent-child water village and spiral slide, which are especially suitable for parents and children

[coordinates] zangmashan international tourist resort, middle section of Kaicheng Road, zannan Town, Jiaonan City, Qingdao

[catering] enjoy fruits, snacks and drinks

[facilities] enjoy fitness equipment, billiards, table tennis, Internet cafes, etc

[self driving route] directly locate Danxi hot spring in zangma mountain through navigation


The trestle is the earliest military special artificial wharf building in Qingdao, with a total length of 440 meters. The bridge body extends from the coast to the deep of the crescent like Qingdao Bay. It was the only maritime 'arms supply line' at that time. In 1897, the German army landed from the Qingdao Bay where the trestle is located in the name of exercise, and occupied Qingdao by force. The trestle became a witness of the German occupation of Qingdao.

Today, the trestle has become a famous tourist attraction. Looking at the waves and seagulls everywhere in winter, the beauty in front of us is intertwined with history and culture. In a trance, the past is not like smoke. You can see seagulls and experience the customs of the sea.

Firewood cutting yard

A very pure ancient street, different from other ancient streets, the snack stalls of the firewood yard are all supported on the street. In the evening, the sound of Hawking comes and goes. The bustling crowd and the sound of seafood stinky tofu on the stove are also the unique atmosphere of the firewood yard. In a humble alley, there is a teacher Fu who has been making wonton for many years

Bathing beach

Summer resort, beach, Shanghai tide, children playing, lighthouses picturesque. As the weather turns hot, bathing in the sea has become the first choice for citizens and foreign tourists to spend the summer. Recommended bathing places in Qingdao: Qingdao one bath, two bath, three bath and seven bath, Shilaoren bathing place and golden beach bathing place.