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What are the top ten online buzzwords in 2017

In this era of Internet words explosion, any word can spread all over the circle of friends and the Internet overnight. What are the most popular Internet words in 2017? Here is a summary of the most popular network terms in 2017. How many do you know?

1. The old driver took me

The old driver is a super hot social media vocabulary. It first refers to those who have been living in various online communities for a long time and have mastered rich online resources. The old driver took me to express the need for seeds. Some pictures on the Internet are often from love action movies. It's very implicit and funny to reply that the old driver took me to ask for seeds, but everyone knows the meaning.

2. If you don't agree with each other, you will be racing

A word does not agree on the meaning of racing is to touch the hair of some pornographic resources or seeds, selfless sharing spirit loved by everyone. The old driver is the name that netizens are good at in some fields, and the allusions of getting on and driving come from here. Racing means suddenly sending out some pornographic things.

3. The boat of friendship turns when it says it

Friendship is a popular network buzzword on the mainstream social network recently. It comes from the 'boat of friendship' which was first created by cartoonist Antoni. "The boat of friendship, turn over when you say it", in fact, is between two friends, saying politely: hum, I don't want to play with you, which means that friendship can't stand the test, change when you say it.

4. This golden age is as you wish

This flourishing age, as you wish, is a netizen with the signature of "Zhou Gubei's Zhou" on Weibo, who sent a micro blog "9.3 Victory Day Parade" on Sina. This flourishing age, as you wish, is a micro blog. 'and the picture is a black-and-white picture of Premier Zhou Enlai. As of 8:00 p.m. on September 3, 2015, the number of forwarding and commenting reached 930000 and 790000 respectively. This golden age, as you wish, has become a popular buzzword recently. Netizens often reply to some social injustice and dark news with a trace of sadness and sadness.

5. This people can't

This session of the people is not good. It's a very popular buzzword recently. Because the people dare not talk about the government in vain, they can only blame the people themselves. Netizens also broke out a variety of jokes about this: Yes, the people used to work hard, without social security, no pension, low wages, self destruction, no requirements for the party and the state, causing trouble. Now, the people, especially the young people, do not work hard, the wage requirements are not low, and what other ZZ requirements are there? How can this be managed? This is not good for this people.

6. The grass on the grave head is more than one meter high

The grass on the grave head is over one meter high. It's advised that people should not pretend to be too high-profile. If they don't hear that pretending to be forced by thunder, they won't die if they don't do it. It can be seen that pretending to be excessive will kill them. The grass on the grave head is more than one meter high, which means that it has been dead for a long time. The grass on the grave head is more than one meter high. It can be seen that this man has already taken the dog with him. You'd better take it easy and pack less. Of course, this sentence is mainly for joking.

7. Just be happy

If you are happy, it can be called omnipotent reply. For example, if there is news boasting that China invented a cutting-edge weapon, the United States stunned Japan and scared urine, it is better to reply that you are happy, which is often praised the most. If you shoot a new land king in Shenzhen, the house prices are skyrocketing everywhere, it is also good to reply that you are happy. You can express a lot of meaning if you are happy: ha ha, it's none of my business; go to your mlgb; big fool; no interest; enjoy yourself; what you say is very reasonable, but I just don't listen.

8. I will give full marks to the forced pretender

The main idea is that you're acting very well, almost as well as you really are. Exaggeration, praise each other too can pretend to force. There is another way of saying, what is it like? I give 99 points, and I'm afraid you are proud.

9. If my pants are off, let me see this

If my pants are off, let me see this sentence is used to express dissatisfaction. From 2CH, Japan, but the translation should be 'I've taken off my skirt. 'it means hurry up. The Chinese circle variant usage is pants. Widely used in post bar and forum. I think it's the abbreviation of "my pants are off, so you let me see this?". Describe being deceived by the content of the party's inappropriate title.

10. Vakaixin wants to pack

Bakaixin is a network term. Wu dialect from Jiangsu and Zhejiang (including Shanghai dialect, Suzhou dialect, Hangzhou dialect, Ningbo Dialect, Shaoxing dialect, etc.) is correctly written as "fukaixin / not Kaixin", which means "unhappy". Variants are 'vakaixin, to embrace'; and the extended form 'vakaixin, to pack, to four' and so on. I want to buy a bag.