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How to maintain the car in summer? Tips on car maintenance in summer

It's hot summer and hot summer. For the car owners, the car also needs maintenance. In many places, if they don't pay attention to the inspection and maintenance at ordinary times, unexpected faults may occur at some time. Today Xiaobian will come to talk with you about the car maintenance in summer!

1. Use of air conditioner

Turn on the air conditioner for external circulation first. In summer, the temperature in the car is often very high. Therefore, do not turn on the air conditioner immediately when the car starts. Open all the windows for 3-5 minutes first, and then turn on the air conditioner when the hot air is exhausted, which will have a better effect. If the engine is under heavy load for a long time, turn off the air conditioner temporarily. It is better to adjust the wind direction upward in the refrigeration time and space, because the cold air will sink, and the best choice of wind direction stop is to select the face stop, and the best effect is to adjust the air outlet upward. Finally, notice to turn off the air conditioner before the destination to reduce the generation of peculiar smell.

2. Compressor and condenser

After the refrigeration system is stopped, the compressor shall be operated for more than 10 minutes every two weeks; the belt tension of the compressor shall be checked regularly; if any leakage of refrigeration oil is found, it shall be handled in time; the condenser shall be cleaned frequently to prevent oil, soil and sundries from adhering to the radiator of the condenser.

3. Tire pressure

The tyres must be checked. If the pattern is worn out, the tyres must be replaced. In summer, the air pressure in the tire will rise with the increase of temperature, which often leads to tire blowout accidents. At the same time, speeding, overloading or emergency braking are easy to cause tire blowout. Therefore, the tire pressure can be reduced properly, or the tire can be filled with helium which is more stable and difficult to expand.

4. Wiper blade

Due to the large amount of rain in summer, the use frequency of automobile wiper blade will be very high, so it is particularly important to strengthen the inspection of wiper blade. In addition to regular inspection, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the wipers to prevent the accumulation of dust and impurities in the wipers from affecting the wiping effect, or having an adverse effect on the front windshield of the car. It is very troublesome to have scratches. Once the working effect of the wiper blade is not ideal, it is necessary to repair and replace it in time, and don't make a big mistake.

5. Body care

There is a lot of rain in summer and autumn. The acid rain in the rain, the strong sunlight, and the gum falling on the car body surface will cause corrosion and oxidation to the paint surface. After a long time of rain and sunshine, your car's face must be suffering and haggard. So it is necessary to do a series of beauty maintenance for the car body from cleaning, polishing to waxing, sealing and so on. Even if your car body has been coated with paint, you should take good care of it and clean it up.

6. Sterilization in vehicle

It is very important to do a good job of car disinfection at the turn of spring and summer. The windows should be opened frequently for ventilation, and the exterior and interior of the car should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, you can scrub with disinfectant by yourself. If you have time, you can also go to a special maintenance shop to use ultraviolet light or carry out high-temperature disinfection and sterilization. However, it must be noted that the air disinfection in the car is carried out when there is no one in the car. After disinfection, windows shall be opened for ventilation for 5-6min, facilities in the carriage shall be wiped with clean water, and then dried with clean cotton cloth to remove residual disinfectant.