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On the Alipay code, double 11 can get several code 11 double play strategies every day.

Sihai network: Alipay launched the double 11 activity on the code in the early November. After completing some tasks every day, it can get the corresponding double 11 yards free. Finally, it can be used as a chip for winning the prize. The more the number of codes, the greater the probability of winning the lottery. How much can it get from double 11 yards per day? Let's have a look.

How many sets of codes can be obtained from double 11 on Alipay code per day?

The daily tasks of double 11 on Alipay code include daily check-in, daily first line payment, completion of forest manor tasks, and sharing activities to invite friends to four tasks. Among them, 2 groups of codes can be obtained through daily attendance and first payment, and the forest manor tasks can get 2 blocks, plus 4 blocks, if there are no friends to invite. Then you can only get 4 yards a day through daily tasks.

There is no limit to inviting friends through sharing activities. If you fail to invite a friend, you can get a group of codes. There is no upper limit. Invite more.