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Which bank is easy to handle large credit cards? Conditions for handling large credit cards of major

Which bank is easy to handle large credit card? Is it reliable to handle large credit card agency Nowadays, major banks have credit card business, but most credit card users handle small credit cards. It is difficult to handle large credit cards. Which bank is easy to handle large credit cards? Let's have a look.

Bank credit cards generally include China Merchants credit card, Everbright credit card, Minsheng credit card, industrial and commercial credit card, Shanghai Pudong development credit card, CITIC credit card, Ping An credit card, industrial credit card, postal savings credit card, Guangfa credit card, CCB credit card, Agricultural Bank of China credit card, bank of China credit card and transportation credit card. In fact, if you want to apply for a small credit card, The above thresholds are not high. As long as you have a real ID card and a real name verification phone number, you can probably go to an intermediary.

Small credit cards are easy to handle, but large credit cards are very difficult, especially credit cards with a quota of more than 300000. Handling these large credit cards generally requires you to hold credit cards for a long time and often use credit cards for consumption. Of course, you need to have a high bank daily account or have high assets in the bank.

The threshold of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Merchants Bank is relatively low to handle large credit cards. Before applying for large credit cards, it is best to deposit a sum of money in the bank or buy some financial products in the bank. These behaviors can make the bank think that users just want to handle credit cards without the possibility of cash escape.

Because they are not qualified, many people want to apply for large credit cards through agency. Is that trustworthy? We often see a lot of information about handling credit cards on mobile phones, and there are announcements on the Internet that help handle credit cards for free, such as similar credit card handling. Xiaobian suggests that you don't believe it easily. After all, the risk is too great, which can easily lead to personal money loss.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

1. The annual consumption amount of the card reaches 100000 yuan and the number of consumption reaches 24, or holds platinum credit cards of other banks;

2. The average daily deposit for more than half a year (inclusive) reaches 500000 yuan (inclusive) or personal deposit reaches 1 million yuan.

[China Construction Bank]

Personal annual income is more than 300000 yuan.

[Bank of China]

With the application form of Bank of China platinum credit card, attach copies of identity documents, fixed residence documents and financial documents to enjoy noble services.

Agricultural Bank of China

Annual income of 500000 or direct VIP customers are invited to get the card.

[Bank of communications]

The quarterly average daily assets of Bank of communications savings card are 1 million or high-quality customers who have held Bank of Communications credit card.

[Guangdong Development Bank]

With an annual income of more than 150000, it has real estate, vehicles and other assets under its name, and supports online application for platinum card.

[CITIC Bank]

Income flow, deposit certificate, real estate certificate and vehicle certificate shall be provided to support online application of platinum card.

[Minsheng Bank]

1. Employees and middle-level managers of provincial units, local top 50 or local high-quality enterprises with an annual income of more than 200000;

2. Card handling: you can apply for a platinum card if you hold a credit card with an amount of more than 50000 (including) in another bank and hold the card for more than half a year.

[Shanghai Pudong Development Bank]

All personal assets under the name of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (including financial fund deposits, etc.) reach a daily average of 300000 yuan within a one month audit period.