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How to choose towels summary of towel selection methods and skills

How to choose towels summary of towel selection methods and skills now there are a variety of towel categories and materials in supermarkets. The price usually ranges from a few dollars to dozens of dollars. Many friends don't know how to choose towels? The more expensive the towel, the better? Let's take a look at the towel selection methods and tips.

How to buy Towels

1. Look at the appearance

Good towels are generally soft and bright in color. Whether printed or plain towels, as long as the materials are better and the technology is home, they must be very beautiful. The towel with good quality has a clear pattern and looks very textured.

2. Feel

Good towels are fluffy and soft. It is very elastic to touch in the hand. It is soft and comfortable to stick on the face without greasy. If the towel is greasy, it is caused by adding too many softeners. These softeners not only affect the water absorption, but also affect our health.

3. Smell

A good towel will not have peculiar smell. If you can smell the smell of candle or ammonia on the towel, it means that the softener of the towel is used too much. If there is sour smell, the pH value may exceed the standard. If there is a pungent smell, it means that the color fixing agent containing formaldehyde is used, and free formaldehyde volatilizes. These are bad for people's health. You must not buy them.

4. Color fastness to immersion

High quality towels are usually dyed with reactive dyes. When dyeing a dark towel, a large number of hydrolytic dyes are adsorbed on the fiber, which is difficult to clean, so there is decolorization when cleaning the towel for the first time. However, it should be noted that if the light towel will fade after the first cleaning or the dark towel will fade after repeated cleaning, it indicates that the towel dye is unqualified.

5. Drip detection

The towel with good quality has good water absorption. If you drop water on the towel, the good towel will penetrate quickly. The towel with poor quality will form impermeable water droplets. This situation indicates that the softener added to the towel is excessive.

There are many brands of towels, and the quality is uneven. Which brand of towel is easier to use? Here's how to choose a good quality towel.

What material is good for towels

pure cotton

Advantages: no irritation, no side effects, strong moisture absorption

Bamboo fiber

Advantages: natural, breathable and hygroscopic

Untwisted yarn

Advantages: good softness and moisture absorption


Advantages: it can improve high temperature stability and strong adsorption

Cashmere cutting

Advantages: soft, good moisture absorption