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Driving how to sit can avoid neck acid 7 ways to prevent cervical spondylosis

It's easy to get sore neck after driving for a long time. How can I avoid sore neck when driving? Today I will introduce 7 methods to prevent cervical spondylosis. Let's have a look.

7 methods to prevent cervical spondylosis

1. Intermediate rest

Rest and activity time should be increased to enhance systemic blood circulation, eliminate local muscle fatigue, and prevent and alleviate cervical strain.

2. Pillow fit

Appropriate pillows are of great significance for the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis. Generally, the supine sleeper is one punch higher, and the lateral sleeper is one and a half punch higher, about 10cm. The pillow core should be made of kapok and buckwheat skin, and the filling amount should be appropriate to maintain a certain hardness and elasticity. Pillows with too much elasticity are easy to cause fatigue and damage to neck muscles. Those who are used to supine had better pad a small pillow under the neck to maintain the physiological bending of the cervical spine. People who are used to lying on their side should fill the pillow into the gap between their face and shoulders to reduce the burden on their neck.

3. Prevent damage

At ordinary times, we should prevent neck trauma and pillow fall, so as to avoid cervical ligament damage, damage the stability of cervical spine, and then induce or aggravate cervical spondylosis.

4. Cervical health exercises

Swing your head: stand naturally with your feet apart and your arms drooping. Swing 36 times to the left and then 36 times to the right. Don't move.

Second turn: stand naturally with your feet separated and your arms drooping. First turn 36 times from the left to the right, and then turn 36 times from the right to the left. The larger the angle, the better, but don't move too fast.

Three head extensions: the posture is the same as above, and extend the head forward 36 times.

Four shrugs: separate your feet, shoulder width, drooping your arms, relax your whole body, and shrug 36 times. This method can relax tendons and activate blood circulation, strengthen muscles and bones, and is simple and easy to learn. It can be effective if you insist on treatment once a day.

5. Avoid long-term low head posture

For car owners, we must pay attention to this, because the posture of lowering our head will lead to the strain of our cervical spine, ligaments and surrounding muscles due to traction, which greatly increases the probability of car owners suffering from cervical spondylosis. In addition, car owners should try to avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time, because doing so will cause damage to the cervical spine and lumbar spine.

6. The neck is placed in a physiological state to rest

Generally, it is better for adults to pad the neck about 10 cm high. The high pillow makes the neck in a flexion state, and the result is the same as the low head posture.

7. Avoid neck trauma

When going out by car, you should fasten your seat belt and avoid sleeping in the car, so as to avoid damaging the cervical spine due to neck muscle relaxation during emergency braking. In case of neck shoulder arm pain, after the clear diagnosis and exclusion of cervical spinal stenosis, it is feasible to massage gently to avoid excessive rotation, so as not to damage the intervertebral disc.