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Wechat payment shake forget shake how to do wechat payment weekend shake music activities

How to shake wechat payment in 2018 now after wechat launched the "shake" activity, many friends use wechat to make payment by shaking it. Sometimes there is a free discount. A friend asked, "how can I get it back if I forget to shake it after wechat payment?"? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

WeChat's weekend red rocking activities are awesome. Some of the users are also free from the single award. Then WeChat forgot to shake it up after paying. Come and have a look!

Wechat payment shake, forget to shake how to do

If you forget, it will be gone. You can try the next payment to see if you can shake it once or twice.

1. How to participate in wechat payment weekend rocking activities?

During the activity, users can participate in the "weekend rocking music" activity when they use wechat payment to complete the payment at the offline cooperative merchants of wechat payment, and the order amount is more than 2 yuan.

This activity only supports wechat client IOS, Android 6.5.8 and above.

2. How many yuan can you win at the weekend by wechat payment?

In the process of participating in the activity, users have the opportunity to get a free reward or wechat payment to the store red envelope (up to 200 yuan).

3. How to use the red packets received by wechat payment?

The store red packets can be used in the next wechat payment offline scenario. Each person can only use one store red packet every day. If they hold multiple store red packets, they can only enjoy one discount for each wechat payment order.

The red envelope is valid from the date of collection to 24 o'clock on the latest Friday.

4. If the wechat order is refunded, can you still participate in the rocking music activity?

In case of refund, the refund order cannot enjoy the qualification of wechat payment rocking music activity.

5. How to get the free red envelope of wechat payment?

For the users who get the free payment award, the successful payment amount will be directly returned to the wechat 'change' account.

6. When does wechat payment weekend rock music activity start?

Time: every Saturday and Sunday from January 20 to February 2, 2018.

7. How many times can each person get wechat payment lucky draw at most?

Each user can participate in wechat payment weekend rocking music activities three times a day.

One mobile phone ID number, the same cell phone number, the same bank card number and the same mobile phone equipment are considered to be the same user.