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How to identify genuine leather sofa, remember these points can avoid being pit

How to identify genuine leather sofa, remember these points can avoid being pit the material of genuine leather sofa is expensive, and the price is naturally very high. There are a lot of bad businesses in the market. A fake leather is used as genuine leather. The following small editor teaches you the identification method of genuine leather sofa, hoping to be helpful for your purchase.

Leather sofa is more expensive than fabric sofa, but it is also easier to be cheated when buying. Let's teach you some ways to identify leather sofa!

How to identify genuine leather sofa

Leather sofa refers to the sofa made of animal leather, which is also relatively expensive. The main leather is pig, horse, donkey, cowhide and so on. Among them, the leather is soft, thick and of the best quality. The general one is buffalo skin, and the better one is yellow cattle and green cattle skin. Donkey skin is cheaper than other skins.

Introduced these basic information, how to distinguish the quality of leather sofa? Here are some ways to teach you:

Touch or sit on it

The general synthetic leather surface feels astringent, rigid and has poor softness. Therefore, the simplest way to identify is to press the leather surface with your hand. If it is genuine leather, it will produce natural pores and wrinkles, with strong resilience, and will immediately return to the original smooth state. The really comfortable leather sofa is not only made of fine leather, but also has good resilience of the inner filler. Sit down and stand up, the position you have sat will not collapse.

It can be burned or sniffed

In addition, genuine leather is natural leather, which generally emits irritating smell. If it emits pungent smell or leather with no smell after special treatment, it may not be genuine leather.

If consumers want to further determine whether it is genuine leather, they can also tear off a little fiber from the back of the leather. If the hair smells scorched after lighting, it is genuine leather that does not form hard lumps; If it gives off a pungent smell, it may be artificial leather that forms a knot.

Distinguish between cow hide and synthetic leather

1. Grain, the first layer of cow hide, its grain will not be uniform, the grain has big and small, artificial leather grain has rules, general human flesh eye can also recognize.

2. Hand feeling: this method can also identify the first skin and the second skin. The hand feeling of the second skin is very rough, and its plasticity is not as good as that of the first skin. Therefore, the hand feeling of the second skin is difficult to make the delicate feeling of the first skin, and it is difficult to restore the original skin after long-term folding. And the first layer of skin feel very delicate, the plasticity of the skin is very good. We can distinguish from the profile of the sample skin provided by the merchant( At the same time, you should use your hands to experience whether the handle of the sample is consistent with that of the product, so as to prevent some businesses from counterfeiting.)

3. Finger pressure, this method can be a good identification of the first layer of skin and artificial leather. When you press the scalp with your finger, small texture will appear near the finger. After loosening, the texture will disappear again; However, artificial leather will not appear texture when pressed down. The texture of medium thick skin is not very obvious due to its thick texture, but you can still see this feature when you look closely.