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What color to choose for the living room sofa? It's right to follow these five choices

What color to choose for the living room sofa? It's right to follow these five choices now people pay more attention to the living environment. The living room sofa will be used for more than 5 years, so we must pay attention to the color matching, otherwise it is too uncoordinated and seems to be very disturbing every day. So what color should we choose for the living room sofa? Here are some tips for you.

Echo with the color of living room

This is the first consideration. If you choose the color that goes against the color of the living room, even if the quality of the sofa is high-grade, it will reduce the sense of harmony in the vision. Specific color selection can be based on the principle of color matching. For example, the main color of the living room should not exceed three, strong contrast color easily in the visual disharmony.

Echo with the living room style

This should be the next consideration. Nowadays, there are many decoration styles, such as European simplicity, pastoral, American Palace, Chinese style and so on. If the European style simple with a red wood carving sofa, there will be obvious sense of peace keeping. So before choosing sofa, you have to consider your own decoration style.

Choose according to your preference

Even if the above two factors are met, it's versatile if you don't like it at home. After all, you need to use it for a long time. So, if there are alternatives, make up your mind according to your preference!

Feng Shui

According to the five elements, the color of gold in the five elements is white. The corresponding colors of wood are green and cyan. The color of water is black. The color of fire is red. The color of soil is yellow and brown.

differ from region to region

For the spacious and well lit living room, when choosing the color of Feng Shui sofa, the sofa with bright colors such as big flower, big red, big green and square is a good choice. These sofas can also boost the feng shui of the living room. For the room with relatively weak light and insufficient sunshine in the living room, it is necessary to use the color materials of Yang Qi, such as bright yellow, gold, purplish red, etc., which can also bring fortune to the host.