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Is oak furniture worth buying

Is oak furniture worth buying now people can choose a variety of furniture materials, oak furniture is loved by many people, so is oak furniture worth buying? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Let's introduce it to you.

Advantages of oak furniture

1. In terms of weight and texture. Oak quality is heavy, has a strong texture, hardness is also relatively high, so oak has good wear resistance. And oak texture is very delicate, can be resistant to acid and alkali, but also very resistant to moisture, so in a humid environment is not afraid to place.

2. From the appearance point of view, oak also has a good ornamental. It has a very durable texture, oak has a very straight texture, and each texture is relatively thick, with a good decorative effect.

3. From the color point of view, oak color is also excellent, oak color atmosphere white and red, color is very full and natural. It doesn't need to be processed or decorated. Red oak has the calmness and solemnity of mahogany furniture, and the price is lower than mahogany.

4. Oak also has good flexibility, can be used to process into various shapes, it looks very beautiful, so many users like it very much.

Disadvantages of oak furniture

1. Oak furniture is not resistant to high temperature. If it is placed in high temperature environment, the furniture will deform.

2. There are few high-quality oak trees, most of which are imported from Russia and the United States, while the price of imported oak is relatively high.

3. Due to the hard and heavy oak texture, it is difficult to remove the water. Furniture made without removing the water will begin to deform in one or two years.