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How to use the usage time of IOS 12 screen? This setting can help you quit your mobile phone

How to use the usage time of IOS 12 screen? This setting can help you quit your mobile phone Nowadays, except for going to work or school, almost everyone is brushing mobile phones. Smart phones can be said to indirectly control our daily life. However, they not only harm everyone's health, but also change people's habits. By adding screen usage time in the version of IOS 12, users can clearly see the time distribution of using mobile phones, How to use the IOS 12 screen? Let's have a look.

How to use IOS 12 screen

To help users stay away from the shackles of mobile phones, Apple has added a new feature called 'screen usage time' in IOS 12. Screen usage time, as the name suggests, is to count the time when the mobile phone screen is turned on, that is, the time when the user uses the mobile phone. With this function, users can clearly see when they use what app and how often they use each app. In addition, the function can help calculate the average time of using the mobile phone every day and every week, so that users can know whether their dependence on the mobile phone has deepened.

Of course, that's certainly not enough. In addition to the screen usage time function in IOS 12, the functions of 'stop time', 'application quota' and 'content and privacy' are specially added. The deactivation time refers to that the user can set a period of deactivation of the mobile phone. In the period of deactivation, only the selected applications and phone functions can be used. As for the application quota, the user can freely set the usage time of a certain category of app, and the application of that category will not be able to use after exceeding the time (it will be restored the next day). For example, if the game category is set to 2 hours, it means that you can only play 2 hours of games on the same day (all games on the mobile phone will take effect), and the game cannot be opened after 2 hours. The 'content and privacy' function allows mobile phones to limit some functions / apps. For example, if you shut down an application or function under access restriction, the application or function cannot be used. This application or function will not be deleted, but will be temporarily hidden from the main screen. Poppur has also written an article about how to use IOS 12 access restrictions before. If you need to, you can click here to view it.