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Tips for driving on ice in cold winter

Driving in winter is affected by the season and weather, and there are many safety problems. Today, I'd like to introduce some tips for driving on ice in cold winter.

Winter driving, the driver is the most annoying is to take the snow road, take the snow road you must pay attention to.

First of all, when you start driving, you should refuel moderately. You must not refuel too quickly.

Secondly, when decelerating or stopping, we should try our best to use predictive braking and hand braking at the same time. If the foot brake is used, the braking mode of point brake shall be adopted, and it is not allowed to step on one foot.

Finally, in the process of driving, try to keep a uniform speed. When you need to speed up, you should accelerate slowly, and don't refuel too much. Keep enough safe distance from pedestrians and other vehicles. Don't hit the steering wheel hard, but slow and slow. When turning, increase the turning radius to prevent sideslip.

Skid preparation work before driving, such as shovel, iron pick, anti skid chain, etc.

Before passing through muddy and ice snow roads, pay attention to observe and choose rutted places or safe driving routes.

The gear should be appropriate, the speed should be moderate, and the shift should be avoided as far as possible. If the shift is needed, it should be carried out in advance.

When increasing the speed, keep pressing the accelerator pedal slowly; When the vehicle speed is reduced, emergency braking is not allowed, and the engine braking should be fully utilized; When turning, don't hit the steering wheel hard, increase the turning radius to prevent sideslip.

When the wheel is stuck in the mud pit or snow pit and skids, it should be refueled suddenly to avoid sinking deeper and deeper. Necessary anti-skid measures should be taken on the basis of finding out the causes, such as removing mud and snow; Sprinkle furnace ash and dry sand, etc; Install the anti-skid chain.

In winter, frost, fog, rain and snow, low temperature and complex environment have great impact on driving safety. The traffic police warmly remind drivers that they should strengthen the learning of winter driving knowledge and skills, so as to prevent freezing, skid and accidents.

Before driving in winter, the vehicle braking, steering, driving system, gas pipeline, water pipeline, oil pipeline and other components shall be comprehensively inspected and maintained. The vehicle shall be equipped with necessary antifreezing devices, and the engine oil and gear oil shall be added according to the regulations. In addition, it is necessary to know the road condition information in time and make preparations in advance.

During driving, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the car will cause the windows to condense fog. The driver can open the front doors and windows a little while using warm air to remove fog. He should also pay attention to the rear window to remove fog, so as to observe the situation behind the car and enhance the safety during reversing.