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How to apply for Taobao live broadcast talent

How to apply for Taobao live broadcast talent people who often visit Taobao know that Taobao has launched a variety of live broadcast talents. It's like entering a large shopping mall. Taobao live broadcast talents have many benefits, so how can they become Taobao live broadcast talents? Let's look at the application conditions and process of Taobao live broadcast talent.

Taobao live application conditions? How to become a live broadcast talent of Taobao? Taobao Daren enjoy more benefits than ordinary ones. Taobao is in the live broadcast, especially. The following editor will tell you how to become Taobao Daren and the conditions for Taobao Daren to open live broadcast!

Basic requirements for Taobao live broadcast talent application

1. There is a Taobao account

2, Taobao account needs to bind Alipay and real name.

3. Identity information, must not have opened a Taobao shop

4. Need to open Taobao Daren number, an ID card, can only have a Daren number.

How to become a Taobao talent

1. Search Baidu for the entrance of Taobao talent platform, log in to the official website, and then log in to your Taobao account.

2. The system will check whether your account is qualified or not. You must remember to apply with the Taobao account opened by Ali mom before, because you will have settlement authority in the end.

3. Click the navigation bar on the left to get familiar with the rules.

4. In the home page of the site will show the requirements of applying for big V, must write according to this requirement, apply for general big V is to ensure that there are five posts within 30 days before the submission of certification, more than 30 days must be deleted, otherwise the system will filter out.

5. Then we find the button to post on the home page of the site, as shown in Figure 1. Click in to start posting, as shown in Figure 2. Remember not to plagiarize, but to write the categories you are good at

6. The completion of the application is like this. This is the version 2.0 for reference only. This will have settlement authority, daily list, headlines, good goods, and other channels.

The threshold conditions for opening up a talent anchor

1. Microblog has 50000 fans and needs interaction rate. For example, in the past seven days, at least one day, microblog praise and comments need to be over 100. It is invalid to comment on the water army and forward the message

2. Taobao Daren platform, need to have 10000 powder, and seven days at least sent a graphic post.