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How to batch delete spam messages for iPhone

In the past six months, the frequency of spam messages received by iPhone has risen sharply. Basically, it can be received every two days, and the content is basically six x color, Macao XX... Seriously, I'm tired of people who send it. And now these spam messages have been upgraded, instead of IMessage, they are traditional SMS. In addition, iPhone does not have the SMS interception function of Android mobile phone, which also makes iPhone a disaster area for spam messages. Now there are more than 1000 messages in Xiaobian's mobile phone, most of which are spam messages and verification code messages, which can drive people to die of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Want to delete and feel trouble, don't delete and feel eye-catching, so Apple mobile phone has a way to batch delete SMS( At the end of the article, we will recommend spam SMS interception methods

How to batch delete spam messages for iPhone Recently, there are more and more spam messages on the iPhone, and it's very troublesome to delete them. Most people delete them one by one, so how can the iPhone delete them in batches? Now let's take a look.

Method of deleting SMS in batches for iPhone

In fact, iPhone supports batch deletion of SMS, and there is no need to install any app, just need to set the parameters. The specific operation is: open the mobile phone settings - Information - information history, and change the information retention time to 30 days. At this time, the phone will pop up a prompt box, asking whether to delete all the text information that has been more than 30 days, and select "delete".

The most important step is to open Settings - General - date and time, turn off the auto settings option, and then adjust the time to one month later. Then close and reopen the "information" Application in the background, and you will find that the information has been deleted, which makes it refreshing. By the way, don't forget to go back to "date and time" and restart "automatic setting".