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How can the money in wechat be transferred to the latest charging standard of wechat withdrawal of b there are a large number of wechat users. People can't help chatting and paying with wechat wallets. However, some friends don't like to put money in their wallets. How can the money of wechat wallets be stored in bank cards? Let's have a look.

How to deposit wechat balance into bank card

How to deposit change into a savings card?

The method of saving money to a bank card by wechat is very simple. First, open wechat and enter "I", "wallet" and "bank card" to bind a savings card.

After card binding, enter "change", select "withdrawal", then input the withdrawal amount and verify the transaction password. Mainstream banks support the arrival of accounts within 2 hours (generally within 10 minutes), and the arrival time of other banks depends on the specific situation of the bank. As for the service charge, at present, each wechat user enjoys a free withdrawal limit of 1000 yuan for life, and the excess part is charged according to the bank rate. The current service charge is 0.1%, and each withdrawal order is charged at least 0.1 yuan. That is 1 yuan for every 1000 yuan.

How to transfer change to credit card?

In fact, wechat change can also be transferred into a credit card. Similarly, first bind a credit card, then click "credit card repayment" in the "wallet", select the credit card, and then enter the amount. Similarly, a 0.1% service charge will be charged for credit card repayment.

How to transfer the change to someone else's bank card?

Like Alipay, WeChat also supports transfers to bank cards, but the entrance is more secretive. First, go to "wallet", then click "collection and payment", then pull down to see the "transfer to bank card" option.