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IPhone app flash back how to do iPhone app flash back solution

IPhone app flash back how to do iPhone app flash back solution I believe many small partners have encountered AP flash back when using iPhone and iPad, and they can't use the software normally. There are many reasons for iPhone app flash back, not necessarily the problem of mobile phone. If you also encounter similar problems, don't worry, you might as well try the following methods to solve the problem that Apple mobile software can't open.

Clear the background app to free up system resources

Sometimes app flash back is caused by insufficient system resources, especially for the model under 6S, 1GB of running memory is very tight, and system resources are often insufficient. So if you encounter app flash back, you can try to clean up the storage. The simplest and crude way to clean up the storage is to restart the mobile phone, but we have a better recommendation, which can achieve the same effect without restarting( At present, it only supports models other than iPhone x). First, long press the power button. When the shutdown prompt page appears, long press the home button for about 5 seconds. When the screen returns to the home page, it means that the memory has been cleared and the app in the background is gone. Compared with restarting the phone, this method is much more efficient.

Update app or re install app

Some apps are not updated in time and cannot be compatible with the new system, which will also cause flashback. You may as well upgrade the app to see if the problem is solved. If the app prompt cannot be updated, it may be installed to the pirated or cracked app (installed in XX assistant). The problem should be solved by unloading the old app and then re installing it in the app store.

Keep enough storage space

Many people like to install a lot of apps and games on their mobile phones, and they don't have the habit of deleting redundant photos and videos. Gradually, the storage space will be tight. If the storage space is seriously insufficient, it is easy to cause memory crash, resulting in app flash back. You might as well check your mobile phone available capacity is not enough, if so, quickly clean it up( Viewing method: settings - General - iPhone storage)