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Tiktok weaphones how to set up a Chinese text sharing tutorial

Tiktok weaphones how to set up a Chinese text sharing tutorial

Chinese tiktok: how to set up Chinese in weaphones? Tiktok today brings you the Chinese settings tutorial of weaphones, many of your buddies do not understand the meaning of the Chinese characters. If you want to change them into Chinese versions, the following is a little introduction.

Tiktok Weaphones how Chinese is set up

Many because many good players feel more difficult playing weaphone. Is there any way to set it to Chinese?

At present, this game has not been sold in mainland China, so there is no Chinese setting option in the game. Players can pay attention to the bear paw number of Android paradise, in which players can download Chinese cracking, so it is the Chinese version.

Xiaobian suggests turning on the speaker of the mobile phone to the maximum, so that you can better experience the feeling of gunfight ~ because the sound of the game is really more, after all, like a real gun in your ear.

Low key players may also bring and experience this kind of gunfight feeling, in fact, can also be very hi~

When shooting skills to pull open the safety bolt yo ~ otherwise you can't shoot yo, many players think their mobile phone card, or the game bug, why grab has not ring, in fact, because they didn't pull open the safety bolt.

The design details of the whole game are in place. I feel like I really have a gun.