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What is the cause of the peculiar smell in the car? What should I do if there is a peculiar smell in

When the car gets older, there will be a bad smell in the car. What's the bad smell in the car? If there is a bad smell in the car, how to remove it? Let's see if there is a solution!

What is the reason for the peculiar smell in the car?

1. The air conditioner is damp

The condensation water of rain fog and the dust in the air are attached to the surface of the evaporator. The damp and dark corner of the air conditioning system becomes a hotbed for the mass propagation of mold. Over time, as long as you turn on the air conditioner, there will be a steady stream of moldy smell. If you don't pay much attention to cleaning the air conditioning system, there will be a bad sour smell when the air conditioning is turned on in the car.

2. Dead rot

Fruit peels and desserts that accidentally fall on the corner of the car are easy to rot and mold. Spilled drinks or seats and carpets that are soaked by rain are also easy to breed mold. The shoes that are not used for a long time in the rear compartment, and the clothes that are forgotten to be cleaned after use, will emit a bad smell. When the air conditioner is turned on, these odors will circulate and spread in the car with the airflow.

3, perfume

Some people put some strong perfume or air freshener in the car to remove the smell in the new car, but the perfume only covered the smell of the car with the smell, and it had no effect on the elimination of the smell.

Although the quality of car perfume is long-lasting, it can kill bacteria. But if you want to be cheap and choose low-cost products, in the car with high temperature in summer, after direct sunlight, it is easy to deteriorate and produce peculiar smell, which is harmful to the health of drivers and passengers.

If the smell of perfume in the car is too strong, it will mix with musty flavor to produce a more unpleasant smell.

Lemon flavored perfume is especially unsuitable for use in summer. Most of these fragrances are acidic, and they are concentrated in the evaporator of air conditioners after they are released.

What are the hazards of car odor?

After the new car leaves the factory, the concentration of toxic gas in the car is very high, and the volatilization time can last for more than 6 months, which can cause dizziness, nausea, sleepiness, cough, asthma, sneezing and other discomfort symptoms of drivers or passengers, and even lead to serious diseases such as leukemia.

Formaldehyde and benzene, which are carcinogens, can stimulate people's respiratory tract and even cause blood diseases. Once the driver has similar diseases, the air in the car should be detected in time.

The air pollution inside the car is an invisible killer, which should be paid enough attention to by drivers and drivers.

What if there is a peculiar smell in the car?

1. Window ventilation

Ventilation is the most effective way to release harmful gases, but it takes a long time. As the interior space is relatively narrow and closed, new cars often open windows for ventilation. It is necessary to open the doors for ventilation when conditions permit.

2. High temperature steam

High temperature steam disinfection is to use the high temperature of steam to disinfect the car interior. The high temperature steam with the temperature as high as 130 ℃ can disinfect the seats, door trim panels, instrument panels, air-conditioning outlets, carpets, etc. in the car, it can also remove the stubborn bacteria hidden in the cracks. It can basically remove all kinds of peculiar smell such as smoke, oil, mildew, etc. in the car, and it can also eliminate the bacteria, oil, mildew, etc The growth of mites and the fading and yellowing of some leather due to the damage of acid substances on the surface protective layer. However, this method is easy to cause aging of electrical appliances, instruments and plastic parts, so it should not be used frequently.

3. Fruit and vegetable Sachet

In the method of using smell to cover the peculiar smell, you can also put some fruits with strong fragrance in the car to let the fragrance distribute for a long time. Some fruits can not only emit fruit fragrance, but also have strong adsorption capacity. For example, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, orange, etc. Eat the rest of the grapefruit peel, pineapple peel can also be used as a car deodorization tool.

If you choose a complete fruit for deodorization, you'd better cut the fruit first, so as to increase the contact area with the air. When the vehicle is parked for a long time, you can place the fruit on the center console. If the fruit is cut into pieces, put a few pieces in the air conditioner, and then turn on the air conditioner, the speed of removing odor is faster. But this can only remove the odor, fruit can not decompose the harmful gas in the car.

If the daily driving, try to put the fruit on the back floor or prepare a small basket, put in the basket. So as not to affect driving safety. If possible, jasmine flowers or sachets containing dried flowers and herbs can be put in the car.

4. Fragrance cover

If the owners love perfume, summer, it is best to use neutral, light flavor perfume. People who drive for a long time can choose to choose refreshing and refreshing flavor. Peppermint perfume can relieve the sleepiness of driving in summer.

5. Place charcoal

Car owners can buy some products that absorb peculiar smell and clean air, which are usually placed in the car to clean the air at any time. These products are car oxygen bar, bamboo charcoal, etc., which can be bought in professional car beauty shop, and the effect is good. Activated carbon and bamboo charcoal have the effect of absorbing formaldehyde, and the volume is small and convenient to place. Put the activated carbon, bamboo charcoal bag and other items in the car, but the plastic package outside the new carbon bag must be removed in time, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.

It's very effective to put the used honeycomb briquette in the refrigerator to remove the peculiar smell. Put the used honeycomb briquette with complete shape in the car, but it's better to wrap it in a plastic bag, otherwise it's hard to clean the broken honeycomb briquette in the car. This is the use of honeycomb briquette adsorption principle, can absorb part of formaldehyde and other harmful gases, but whether it can completely achieve the effect of removing formaldehyde, it is not necessarily.

6. Don't mess the car

Peculiar smell is always associated with damp and dirty. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to timely cleaning, cleaning and drying the interior of the car. Especially, sometimes I like to eat ice cream and juicy fruit in the car. If I am not careful, it is very easy to dirty the car. If I don't clean it in time, the peculiar smell is possible.

Clean the car and the back compartment regularly to avoid putting unclean shoes, semi wet clothes and dirty and wet rags in the car for a long time. Always clean the glove box and ashtray. When smoking in the car, turn off the air conditioner or open the window. Remember to take the fruit or perishable food with you.

7. Put vinegar in

Vinegar can absorb formaldehyde and stabilize formaldehyde. When the car is resting, vinegar can be placed in the car, with low cost and good effect. However, some sour smell in the car is inevitable.

8. Remove the plastic

Many parts of a new car are protected by plastic bags. Many friends like to keep the feeling of a new car as much as possible without affecting its use. In fact, these plastic packages must be removed in time, otherwise it is difficult to emit harmful gases inside.

9. Remove and wash seats

It mainly refers to the carpet or flannelette seat mask. When it is stained with mud, drink or rain, it must be cleaned in time, because this kind of material is difficult to dry, and it is easy to breed mold and spread. When it becomes dry and has no moldy smell, the peculiar smell has been transferred to the evaporator of the air conditioner, and cleaning will eliminate the source of infection of the peculiar smell, Mold will have nowhere to hide.

If the inside of the seat becomes wet due to water, it's better to remove the whole seat, dry it in the sun, and then put it back into use. Drying method can also prevent the occurrence of odor, and can be used to remove the existing odor.