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How much is iPhone XS Max memory? Introduction of iPhone XS series memory because of the advantages of the system, the iPhone rarely mentions the operation and storage. However, in recent years, Apple's weathervane has changed. The memory of the iPhone, which has always relied on system optimization, will increase by 1 g every year. How much memory is there in this year's new iPhone XS series? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How much is the storage of iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS max

After seeing the toughness of the iPhone 6S, we gradually began to pay attention to the operation and storage of the iPhone. As for the three new iPhones this time, although Apple has not announced the amount of storage, in fact, this kind of information will be known by software testing. No, Antu has found the storage capacity of three new iPhones through the background database. Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max use 4GB ram, while iPhone XR uses 3gb ram, which is the same as iPhone X. IPhone XS series uses 4GB ram, which means that users can do as much background software work as iPad pro, without having to load data again or restart app (iPad Pro 10.5 inch is 4GB RAM), and can complete more work in a shorter time.