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Android data transfer to iPhone, this method can help you transfer with one click

Android data transfer to iPhone, this method can help you transfer with one click

When the new iPhone comes into the market, I believe that many small partners want to transfer Android to the IOS camp. After getting the new iPhone, the first thing must be to transfer the data of the old mobile phone to the new one. That's a good answer. How to transfer Android data to IOS?

Move to IOS

In fact, as early as a few years ago, Apple launched a one button switch assistant, move to IOS, to help Android users transfer Android data to IOS devices more easily. Data that can be transferred include: address book, information history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, email accounts, calendars and apps. App here, if the apps installed on Android phones can be matched on Google play, and there are IOS versions, then iPhone will automatically download these apps during the transfer process. Except for paid apps, of course. For example, if wechat is installed on your old Android phone, iPhone will automatically download wechat during data transfer. Of course, it doesn't include chat data. Remember to back up the data before transferring. At the end of the article, download the installation file of Android version of move to IOS (Google play version)

How to use move to IOS to realize one click replacement

If you want to use move to IOS to transfer data, the new and old mobile phones must meet the following conditions:

IOS 9 or later

IPhone 5 or later

IPad generation 4 or later

Ipad Mini 2nd generation or later

IPod touch 6th generation

Android version 4.0 or higher

Specific operation steps

After the iPhone is turned on, the system will automatically enter the guidance settings page. In the "application and data" interface, select 'transfer data from Android device'.

Open the "transfer to IOS" app on the Android phone, then go back to the iPhone, click 'continue', and then wait for the ten or six digit code to appear.

Enter the code on the Android device. Then wait for the 'transfer data' screen to appear.

On the Android device, select the content you want to transfer, and then click 'next'.

Put the two devices aside and don't do any operation until the loadbar displayed on the IOS device is completed. At this time, the data transfer is officially completed.