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Is the mobile rice noodle card worth buying

Is the mobile rice noodle card worth buying Recently, China Mobile joined hands with Xiaomi company to launch a mobile version of rice noodle card. Like China Unicom and China Telecom, the mobile rice noodle card focuses on low monthly fee and high traffic, just in time for the addition of dual card function in iPhone XS max. Is Xiaomi mobile rice noodle card worth buying? Let's have a look.

There are two kinds of mobile rice noodle cards, one is the 1 yuan daily rent card and the other is the 2 yuan daily rent card. The monthly fee of 1 yuan daily rent card is 5 yuan, the domestic traffic is 1 yuan 1GB / day, and the telephone fee is 50 yuan in the first month. 2 yuan, daily rent 8 yuan, domestic flow 2 yuan / day, unlimited, first month free 80 yuan. The domestic voice calls of the two packages are both 0.19 yuan per minute, free of charge. The remaining flow of the day will not be carried forward to the next day, and there will be no flow and no charge on the day( It's cheaper than the Unicom version and the telecom version

On the speed limit issue, Xiaobian looked around the application page and found that there is no speed limit threshold for the 1 yuan daily rent version, that is, it can be used willfully. Only when the total monthly traffic reaches 100GB, will the online service be suspended. Of course, you can continue to use the Internet service after the suspension, but you have to charge according to the standard outside the package. However, the 2 yuan daily rent version starts to speed up after the cumulative monthly traffic usage reaches 20GB, and the maximum network speed is no more than 1Mbps, that is, the maximum network speed is 100 + KB / s. basically, we can only chat on wechat. In addition, regardless of the speed limit or not, as long as the traffic is generated on the same day, it will be charged at 2 yuan per day, and the 2 yuan daily rental version of rice noodles card can not order all kinds of traffic packages. In other words, 1 yuan daily rent version can be ordered flow package, Congratulations!