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Is there any side effect of human placenta?

What is human placenta

Speaking of human placenta, I believe many people are not strange, because when we were babies, we were sucking nutrients from the mother through the placenta, so what exactly is it? Why does it have health care? Please look down.

Placenta is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Its scientific name is "Ziheche". It has a long history of health care in China. It can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty. The first emperor of Qin Dynasty took placenta (human placenta, Ziheche) as the first choice of Royal health care. According to the compendium of Materia Medica, placenta is called "Ziheche". Its quality and efficacy are described in detail. Ziheche has the functions of 'peace of mind, nourishing blood, supplementing qi, essence, detoxification and blood supply', which is very effective for those who are tired, emaciated and weak, 'those who take it for a long time, have the abilities of hearing, vision, hair black, longevity and creation'. Human placenta has been used as a tonic for more than 1000 years in China, so its health care function is beyond doubt.

In China, traditional Chinese medicine believes that placenta is sweet, salty and warm, which can enter lung, liver and kidney channels, and has the functions of nourishing essence, blood and Qi. It can be used for infertility or impotence, spermatorrhea, dizziness, tinnitus and other syndromes caused by deficiency of kidney qi and blood essence, and can be used for deficiency of Qi and blood, emaciation and weakness, sallow complexion and lack of postpartum milk.

Human placenta is an important and excellent human drug. Since 1970s, with the research of molecular biology, cell biology and the implementation of human genome project, the understanding of human physiological regulation mechanism and disease pathogenesis has developed exponentially. Many important biomedical breakthroughs are due to the discovery of important biology in mammals With the development of placental science, the value of placenta health application is more and more high ...

Effect and function of human placenta

So what's the specific effect and function of human placenta? You can look down carefully and understand its function. No matter what kind of health care product, you need to take the right medicine to make the most of it.

1. Anti infection effect. Placental gamma globulin contains antibodies against measles, influenza and diphtheria antitoxin, which can be used to prevent or reduce measles and other infectious diseases. Because it is a protein, it is invalid to take orally and must be injected. The placenta gamma globulin also contains interferon, which can be used to prevent or control virus infection.

2. Enhance the resistance of the body. It can produce estrogen and progesterone. The placenta may contain these hormones. Therefore, it has the pharmacological effect of these hormones, which can significantly promote the development of thymus, spleen, uterus, vagina, breast, thyroid, testis, etc.

3. The effect on hemagglutination. The placenta contains the so-called urokinase inhibitor, which can inhibit the activation of urokinase on fibrinolysin, which can explain the decrease of fibrinolysin activity in pregnancy. Human placenta contains a low molecular weight clotting factor XIII (a glycoprotein), which can not only stabilize fibrin clots and promote wound healing, but also be used to treat bleeding patients due to factor XIII deficiency.

4. It can adjust the disordered autonomic nerves, restore the hormone secretion to normal, promote the development of mammary gland, make the milk secretion vigorous and promote the development of infants.

5. It can repair wounds, accelerate the formation of collagen, promote blood circulation and diuresis.

How to eat human placenta

The health care function of human placenta is so great. How can we eat it to ensure the best effect? Generally speaking, there are many ways to eat placenta. Let Ma tell you what it is.

1. Stew: the placenta is washed and cut into pieces, and stewed with jujube, ice sugar and lotus rice. The nutritional value of this way is very high, but it is a challenge to the psychological quality of 'diners'.

2. Frying: wash and shred placenta, add onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and other seasonings according to personal taste, and fry with vegetable oil.

3. For pill: the placenta is washed, and the same amount of pork and seasoning are chopped into thin and uncooked meatball stew or fried food. This kind of eating method is mainly designed for those who are timid. It's also the most common way to eat.

4. porridge: first chop up the placenta, then boil the rice into gruel, then add it to the porridge after boiling, cook and cook according to your taste.

5. Boil cream: wash and chop placenta, and then add other traditional Chinese medicine to boil cream and take it according to the difference of tonic.

6. Grinding powder: dry the placenta grinding powder, put it into the capsule or mix in the flour, milk powder, and porridge for cooking, 5-10g each time, once or twice a day.

Besides, there are also cooking methods for medicinal meals:

1. Steamed placenta with Cordyceps

[material] Cordyceps sinensis 10-15g, fresh placenta 1

[preparation] wash the placenta, cut it into pieces, put in Cordyceps sinensis, add some water, steam it in water, add a little salt to taste

[efficacy] tonifying deficiency and damage, anti-cancer. It is suitable for auxiliary treatment of lung cancer and other cancers.

2. Stewed placenta with Cordyceps sinensis

[material] Cordyceps sinensis 10-15g fresh placenta 1

[production] put the Cordyceps sinensis and placenta into a tile cup with water and stew them in separate water.

[usage] take placenta and drink soup. Once a week, generally 1-2 times can be effective ...

Human placenta price

So is the price of human placenta really expensive? This involves legal issues, we should pay attention to.

As early as April 2005, the Ministry of health "reply on the treatment of placenta after childbirth" clearly pointed out that placenta after childbirth should belong to the maternal. If a parturient gives up or donates placenta, it may be disposed of by a medical institution. No unit or individual is allowed to buy or sell placenta. If the placenta is likely to cause the spread of infectious diseases, the medical institution shall inform the puerpera in time, disinfect the placenta in accordance with the relevant regulations and dispose of the placenta in accordance with the medical waste.

So here, Ma net encyclopedia can't tell you how much the specific price of placenta is, thinking it's forbidden to buy and sell.

Does human placenta have side effects

Human placenta has so many effects and functions. Is it safe? Everyone is suitable to eat it? In fact, human placenta is a side effect. Let's continue to look down.

1. Because the placenta is connected with the mother's blood, if pregnant women carry some viruses or pathogens transmitted through the blood, the placenta will also contain corresponding pathogens. In addition, if it is a natural delivery, the placenta may also be contaminated by a variety of bacteria when passing through the birth canal. In this case, if the pathogens in the placenta are not completely killed, there are different degrees of potential risks after consumption.

2. Secondly, protein, sugar, calcium and vitamin are the most basic nutrients. Placenta has no advantage over fish, egg and milk in this respect. Interferon, immunoglobulin, growth factor and hCG are all protein macromolecules. If they are boiled or baked, they are basically denatured or degraded and lose their original biological activity.

3. Secondly, protein, sugar, calcium and vitamin are the most basic nutrients. Placenta has no advantage over fish, egg and milk in this respect. Interferon, immunoglobulin, growth factor and hCG are all protein macromolecules. If they are boiled or baked, they are basically denatured or degraded and lose their original biological activity.

The so-called placental products, whether it's baked wine or 'high-tech' purification, whether it's oral powder or injection, its specific composition, precise dose and activity are unknown, not only the effectiveness is questionable, but also the safety is more difficult to guarantee, so we really need to be careful, no matter how good things are, human placenta is not a panacea, for the sake of your health We must be careful when choosing health products for human placenta ...