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Tiktok, what is the game of ball collision?

Tiktok, what is the game of ball collision?

Recently, the game of jitter and ball collision is very hot. This magic game has captured the hearts of netizens quickly, and all of them are playing tiktok. So what is the game of the tiktok ball that is very flameball?

What is the game of bumper cars on tiktok?

Game name:

How to play "bumper. IO"?

In the game, players need to use your bumper to knock down athletes from the stage. As long as the constant challenge to the enemy, get more gold coins and props, constantly eat ice cream to make yourself bigger and stronger! You have a chance to beat more people.

"Bumper. IO" game features

The game uses 3D design screen, a variety of colorful maps;

Play simple and interesting, magic operation, using collision operation;

Support the multiplayer online competition and put the enemy into the water;

Light background sound effects, will continue to increase their body size to win.