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Where is the maple leaf in autumn 2018? A good place to see maple leaf in China

It's also a good time to see red leaves in late autumn. If you miss another time and wait another year, what are the good places to see red leaves in China? Today Xiaobian will take you to understand!


1. Xiangshan Park

The most beautiful red leaf scenic spot in Beijing is Xiangshan Park, which is the most traditional place to enjoy red leaves. In autumn, there will be many people here. Therefore, if you want to take photos at this time, you'd better go out earlier to find a seat. You should also remember to wear more clothes to keep warm. This year's Xiangshan Park has an appointment system. When it reaches the maximum capacity, it will stop selling tickets. So remember to pay attention to the official account booking. The opening hours of Xiangshan Park are: 6:00-18:30 from April to November 15, and 6:00-18:00 from November 16 to March.

2. Badaling National Forest Park

In addition to the Badaling Great Wall, you can also see the wonderful scenes of red, yellow and green. There are also hongyeling scenic spots in the scenic area, with nearly 50000 red leaf trees. The best viewing time is from October to November every year. The opening hours are 8:00-18:30


1. Langxia maple leaf Island

Maple Leaf island under the gallery is a new popular photo attraction in Shanghai. It's a free maple forest, but its location is a little remote. However, in autumn, there will be many visitors here to enjoy the maple. Maple leaf island covers an area of 300 mu, and there are many kinds of maple trees.

2. Minhang red garden

In autumn, there will be a lot of red leaf trees in the red garden, which will show the alternating colors of red and yellow. If you don't want to go far away, it's a good choice to be in Hongyuan, which is not far from the city center.


1. Doctor mountain

It is also a very famous photography resort in Guangzhou. There will be many friends who like to take pictures here. During the red leaf period, some trees here are yellow and red, and the color is very beautiful. I suggest you don't miss the doctor mountain in the red leaf period.

2. Luhu Park

Luhu park is at the south end of Baiyun Mountain scenic spot, near Baiyun fairy hall. It is one of the few places in Guangzhou where autumn leaves can be seen. The air is still fresh. You can overlook the whole Luhu scenic spot from the railing above the swan. It's usually open all day.


1. Daocheng Yading

Daocheng Yading is a very pure place. No matter when it is, the scenic spots are very beautiful, because the most beautiful thing is the people here. However, in autumn, the autumn leaves and snow peaks complement each other, which is really a very beautiful scene.

2. Miyaro Scenic Area

This is by far the largest and most spectacular red leaf scenic spot in China, which is said to be 180 times of Xiangshan scenic spot in Beijing. In the middle of November every year, there is the red leaf festival of miyaro. The mountains you see here are all covered by red leaves, the water is stained by red leaves, and the road you walk on is also a red leaf corridor composed of red leaves.

Other regions

1. Tianping mountain, Suzhou

There are many green plants in Tianping mountain, which feel very close to nature. In autumn, the mountains and forests here will also show colorful colors. Because of maple leaves, it will give people colorful visual impact.

2. Qixia mountain in Nanjing

Qixia mountain is a very good scenic spot, even if it is not in autumn. It is called 'the first Xiushan mountain in Jinling'. In autumn, the maple forest is like fire, and the mountain is very popular.

3. Yuelu Mountain in Changsha

Remember that old poem? " Stop and sit in the maple forest at night. Frost leaves are red in February flowers. "This is an ancient poem written by Du Mu when he first described Yuelu Mountain. Yuelu Mountain is one of the four most popular scenic spots in China. Many ancient and famous trees can be seen in the mountains.

4. Jilin hongyegu

When it comes to appreciating maple, how can we expect little red leaf Valley? The color of red leaves is appropriate and well arranged. The golden yellow leaf forest, the green pine forest, the dazzling birch forest, and the blue sky in Aishang make the Red Leaf Valley a perfect autumn color.

5. Shicheng village, Wuyuan, Jiangxi

In autumn, you can see red maple and white wall and black tile horse head wall in Wuyuan. Especially when there is morning fog in the morning, the scenery is really super beautiful. The thicker the autumn is, the redder the color of Wuyuan will be.

Tips for shooting

1. If you can go as early as possible, because there are so many people in the peak season of watching red leaves. If you go as early as possible, you can have good light and good seats, so I suggest you go as early as possible.

2. When shooting the red leaves, it is recommended to choose a wide-angle lens to shoot the whole red leaf forest; You can then take a close-up of red leaves with a telephoto lens to create a shallow depth of field. In a word, you can arrange the scene you want by choosing the right lens.

3. Pay attention to some color matching. After all, only the photos of red leaves are knocked out. You can choose to add some other scenery as the finishing touch to make the picture lively.

4. When shooting the details of red leaves, backlight and oblique light can be used to highlight the shape, line and vein of leaves. If you want to eliminate the leaf reflection, make the theme clear, color saturation, it is best to add the hood, polarizer, dimmer and other accessories.

5. We should pay attention to the weather forecast, and also pay attention to the warm weather. After all, the weather has a direct impact on the shooting, and the mountains are generally cold, so we must bring more clothes.

6. The best time to shoot red leaves is from mid October to mid November, but it depends on the region, because sometimes it has something to do with the weather and climate.