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What plant absorbs formaldehyde best? Ranking of indoor plants absorbing formaldehyde

Just decorated the house, formaldehyde smell is very heavy, many people will use some activated carbon to absorb formaldehyde odor, but it seems that the effect is not very good, so the small recommended is the green plants to absorb formaldehyde toxic gas! So what kind of plants can absorb formaldehyde and Fengshui good moral good? The following recommend 5 plants for you.

Green dill

Aldehydes absorption ability: the green pineapple is a large evergreen Liana with strong air purification ability. Green pineapple can absorb benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, etc. in the air, and can also absorb nicotine. It's the best place to put green pineapple in a newly decorated house or a smoker's home. According to the research of environmentalists, a pot of green pineapple is equivalent to an air purifier in a room of 8-10 square meters. It can be seen that the air purification capacity of green pineapple is quite strong.

Geomantic omen: vitality of life. Green pineapple is a kind of herb with strong vitality. It can grow when there is water. It is also known as the flower of life. Tenacity, goodness and happiness can show the tenacity, kindness and hospitality of the host. Green Luo also has the meaning of watching happiness. Putting green Luo in the bedroom is conducive to the harmony between husband and wife.


Ability to absorb aldehyde: tiger tail orchid is a natural scavenger, which can remove harmful substances in the air. Some studies have shown that Huwei LAN can absorb more than 80% of the harmful gases in the room, has a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, and can effectively remove sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ether, ethylene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen peroxide and other harmful substances. Hupi orchid has high ornamental value. It can be used for potted ornamental and flower bed arrangement. It is suitable for home and office decoration. It can beautify the environment and purify the air.

Geomantic omen: health makes money, tiger skin orchid is belong to wood. If the living room in the south of the gate is a fire, it should be planted with plants belonging to fire or wood, so Hupi LAN can be placed in such a living room, which can adjust the health of the family's heart and stomach, and improve the negative character of timidity or lack of courage. Hupi orchid is a flourishing evergreen plant, which is very suitable for planting on the balcony or in a flourishing place, to increase the wealth of the family and generate wealth. It is a good Fengshui plant.

Chinese rose

Formaldehyde absorption capacity: it can effectively decompose and absorb harmful gases such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, ether, etc.

Fengshui implication: the rose is known as the "Queen of flowers". People always regard it as the flower of auspiciousness, wealth and happiness, and foreign countries also regard it as a symbol of happiness and peace. For a long time, many literati and scholars have left praising poems and Masterpieces for the rose. There are also patterns of rose flowers on various ceramic products, wood carvings, fabrics, embroidery, jade, jewelry and musical instruments. In geomancy, the Chinese rose is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness because it is always open in four seasons, which means "four seasons are safe";


Absorption capacity of formaldehyde: it can absorb more than 80% harmful gases in the room, and has strong absorption capacity of formaldehyde. Generally, 1-2 pots of Chlorophytum are kept in the room, and the toxic gas in the air can be absorbed completely. Therefore, Chlorophytum is also known as "green purifier".

Geomantic omen: the living room facing west of the gate must be bright. The West belongs to gold. The plants of gold and soil are used as potted plants. The golden heart Chlorophytum is this type of plant. Positive energy belonging to gold can be added, which is beneficial to the health of respiratory tract, lung and spleen of family members.


Formaldehyde absorption ability: this kind of plant is also good at absorbing formaldehyde. In addition, it can also be used for wine making. The tequila wine made with it is very famous.

Geomancy implication: tequila is generally Phnom Penh, and Phnom Penh tequila is generally the effect of gathering money.