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Tourism strategy of Jokhang Temple

Lhasa is a place that many people dream of. The place closest to heaven is not a place with a false name. Naturally, you have to go to the Jokhang temple when you go to Tibet. What should you pay attention to when you go to the Jokhang Temple? Let's get to know about it.

1、 It's a matter of time.

I went to the Jokhang Temple by myself, because tourists had to wait in line to buy tickets when they entered the temple. The ticket selling time was 8:30. I was waiting at the ticket booth at 8:00. I was the second person to wait in line there. In less than half an hour, I had already formed a long line. So if you want to buy tickets, you should go to the queue as early as possible to avoid spending more time on buying tickets, If you buy tickets earlier, you can see the magnificence of the Jokhang Temple earlier.

2、 Tour guide problem.

Before going to scenic spots, especially temples with history, we always do our homework on the Internet to find information about their stories. However, we can't remember too much at a glance. If we only visit it by our only knowledge of it, seriously, we may be able to visit it in 20 minutes, And I'll think it's nothing to look at later. Because it's like watching flowers on horseback, you can't have a deeper understanding of its history or listen to its story, so I suggest that you pay 50 yuan for a tour guide at the ticket office before you go in. I think the 50 yuan I spent at that time was quite worthwhile. At least since I visited the Jokhang Temple, I have been able to tell others about the knowledge I have heard. So, a temporary guide will make your ticket more valuable. There are announcers at the gates of Zhaosi and Xiaozhao temples. You can spend thirty or fifty yuan on the explanation. For ordinary tourists, there is no professional explanation, that is to go in at a loss and come out at a loss. The ticket money is worthless.

3、 Take photos.

Temples are sacred places. Even if we don't believe in religion, we should follow their customs in one place. You can take pictures in front of the door of the Jokhang Temple and in a little bit. If you go in, you can't take pictures. Put away your camera and mobile phone where you don't want to take photos, and take photos when you can.

4、 Behavior:

Women must not wear skirts, can not wear clothes with shoulder leakage, just don't wear too exposed. That's disrespect for nerves. Nothing else. But it doesn't smell good. I'm prepared to mix the flavor of butter with that of fragrance.

Don't take photos, walk around the Buddha from the left, don't laugh, don't carve, don't spit, don't stare at Tibetans, don't exaggerate.

In the center of the city, the square in front of the gate and the main gate are all believers who kowtow to pray. There are many historic sites in it, and there are many murals recording the king of Tibet, Princess Wencheng and so on. After three o'clock in the afternoon, I will meet the scene of debating sutras. You can take photos to observe it publicly, so it is close to the people. The second floor and the roof are accessible, overlooking the bugong palace.

The reminder is: 07:00-11:30 is mainly open to believers, do not receive more than 10 team members; 11: 30-17:30 open to tourists.