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What matters should we pay attention to when buying a new house? Which floor is better for a high-ri

As the saying goes, only by living in peace and contentment can one enjoy work. So, it is very important to have a home and the benefits of living. Then, it comes to buying a house. Buying a house is a big learning. Buying a good house is not only about appreciation, but also about living comfortably. What should we pay attention to when buying a house? How to choose a good house?

The most important thing to buy a house is to choose a good house, which is related to the long-term life in the future. There are many factors that determine the quality of the house. The floor is one of them. Many friends are also very particular about the purchase of the floor. Not only the number of the floor, but also the height of the floor is particularly important. Friends who are ready to buy a house will think, how should I buy a house? How to choose floor when buying a house?

How should I buy a house

1. Before you are ready to buy a house, you should estimate your actual purchasing power according to your financial strength, repayment ability and other issues, and determine the location, area, price, floor and orientation of the house according to your work and life needs.

2. In fact, the important link of housing selection is the continuation of the preparatory work, which can be inquired from newspapers, real estate exhibitions, agencies in regular brands or relevant real estate websites.

3. It's a complicated and very important process to see the house on the spot. Under the leadership of a relatively professional agent, we conducted a field investigation on the houses we want to buy. To view some of the housing information, such as property rights, homeowner's ID card, after comparison set the house.

4. After the negotiation and signing of the sales contract to determine the target, we entered into the negotiation stage of substantive contact with the seller. Negotiation and signing of sales contract is an important link in the process of house purchase. The buyer and the seller must put their rights and obligations into the text, especially the key terms related to the area of the house, payment method, property status and so on.

5. At present, second-hand housing can handle commercial loans. According to their own financial resources and the purchase of housing conditions, the amount of loans, the number of years, etc.

6. For property transfer, the original seller's name should be replaced by the new buyer's name. Under the guidance of the intermediary company, we should prepare all relevant information, and then the warrant personnel should assist in handling the property right transfer procedures.

7. The water, electricity, gas, cable TV, heating and property fees of the house must be settled when checking in. Both the buyer and the seller and the intermediary company should sign on the property delivery form for filing.

How to choose floor when buying a house

1. Light. From the perspective of light, the high-rise is better than the low-rise. The sunlight of the low-rise residence will be blocked by the surrounding buildings, but if the floor is too high and the angle is not right, it will also affect the sunlight. Therefore, when we choose the floor, we should choose the floor that can enjoy the normal light without too much wind.

2. Elevator. For residential buildings with more than 12 floors and less than 18 floors, there should be no less than two elevators, one of which must have the function of fire elevator. For pure residential buildings with more than 19 floors and less than 33 floors, and the total number of service households is between 150 and 270, there should be no less than 3 elevators, one of which must have the function of fire elevator.

3. Vision. The higher the floor, the better the field of vision. Don't choose below five floors, especially the first floor. The first floor has poor lighting, and there are garden grass around the first floor. It's common for green plants to block the field of vision. In this way, the scenery you can see is limited.

That's how I should buy a house? How to choose all the contents of a floor when buying a house, of course, the premise of choosing a floor is to choose this building. When choosing this building, we also have to look at the geographical location of the building and the surrounding environment. Because of the different geographical environment and climate, the selection criteria for a good house are slightly different in each place. We also need to feel it on the spot.