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How does waterproof socket work

Waterproof socket is not only a plug with waterproof performance, but also can provide safe and reliable connection of electricity and signal. For example: LED street lamps, LED driving power supply, LED display, lighthouse, cruise ship, industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, commercial roads, villa walls, gardens, parks and so on, all need to use waterproof sockets.

Brief introduction of waterproof socket

There are many brands and types of waterproof sockets in the market, including traditional waterproof sockets for home life, such as triangle plugs, which can be called sockets, but they are generally not waterproof. So how to judge the waterproof socket? The measurement of waterproof is IP. At present, the highest level of waterproof is IP68. At present, there are many manufacturers making waterproof plugs in China, but few of them really make both industrial and household sockets. It's very inconvenient that the plugs of general household appliances can't be used.

Household outdoor waterproof socket, three plug and two plug of 220v10a can be used in non protective state to meet the needs of household( The protection level IP66 can meet the needs of the family, IP66 is strong water spray in all directions, no water, 1 meter water immersion for 1 hour) pay attention to the outdoor socket is generally PC material, so we should consider anti-aging.

Working principle of waterproof socket

With the development of science and technology, waterproof socket breaks people's impression that ordinary socket is afraid of water and leakage, thus opening a new era of release and waterproof.

The main evaluation standard of waterproof performance of waterproof connector is based on IP waterproof grade standard. According to the waterproof performance of waterproof connector, it mainly depends on the last two digits XX of ipxx. The first X is from 0 to 6, and the highest level is 6; The second digit is from 0 to 8, and the highest level is 8; Therefore, the highest waterproof grade of waterproof connector is IP68.

Sealing principle: rely on up to 5 sealing rings and rings to pre tighten the seal with pressure. This kind of seal will not lose the pre tightening force when the connector is hot expanding and cold shrinking. It can ensure the waterproof effect for a long time, and water molecules can not penetrate under ordinary pressure (it can work in the water depth of less than 2m for a long time).